Medusa : The Wrong Villain

Somewhere in the Meriana Islands a cursed creature was hiding, among all the monsters that inhabited the nightmares of the inhabitants of the Meriana Islands, this was one of the most feared. Many were some of the brave who dared to hunt such a creature, but none of them returned, they say that this being […]

The Library – The message

This book feels extremely heavy, however you don’t need extra strength to hold it. You feel like you had to describe the properties of this book, but you could not do it without contradicting yourself. While analyzing it you realize that the letters on the cover are brighter, with a purple light that it seems […]

The Library – Omrabas and the brew

You’ve managed to access a room that was behind a fake wall in Dark Cathedral. Here, you’ll find portraits of historical figures such as Amaro the Quester, Alistair Cropwell and Netlios. This room looks like it was a secret home of some adventurer,it appears it hasn’t been touched in ages. You find a shelf full […]

Rebellion : The Fight of Women

In the war between the Kingdoms Carlin and Thais, chaos was released, the Thais Kingdom sent mercenary people, Carlin suffered a big loss of their army. Their army was massacred and Carlin was unprotected, giving Thais Kingdom the easy way to get into their lands, Eloise was locked in the Femor Hills tower, her throne […]

The Bloody Countess

The countess at her castle contemplates with her cold eyes, so that her followers get into action. It’s necessary to touch some precious stones of her necklace, she immediately responds with mechanic sounds and slowly raises her white arms to close in a perfect embrace on what is in front of her, in this case […]

The End of the War: Chapter IV

The fairies that were forgotten in the depths of Feyrist by the creatures of Reah, gathered their powers to send a signal to Aylie, so they could be rescued. The fairies did all their effort until exhaustion to be rescued, when the evil creatures discovered this, they locked up the cells in the depths, so […]

The Awakening of the Fairies : Chapter III

After the war and all the chaos, the habitants of the Kingdom Feyrist managed to adapt and live in peace, also some fairies and elves decided to go back to Feyrist and get on with their lives. The spell of Reah was still alive and the macabre creatures were not that strong, also Feyrist was […]

The Great Secret :Chapter II

Thais and Carlin, two totally different Kingdoms and a constant war for the abandoned lands. On one side there’s Thais ruled by King Tibianus and on the other side it’s Carlin, ruled by Queen Eloise. Both Kingdoms were in war for some land, so they could obtain more territory and expand, but these lands could […]

Origin: Chapter I

Once upon a time, in an unknown Kingdom in which magic, colors and fairies abounded, this kingdom was ruled by King Jhusthyn and Queen Matylie. They were experts in magic and possessed many gifts. These Kings built a solid Kingdom, in the company of elves and fairies that lived there. Many years passed by and […]