Jack was the name of a wizard that used to live at the outskirts of Port Hope.

Jack appeared to be a simple farmer who grew pumpkins, but in his cabin he practiced magic and potions, he also loved Halloween.

The other peasants always doubted the intentions of the mysterious man, but he was never noticed. In all the towns, Halloween was commemorated by lighting candles on skulls,

But Jack had his own tradition, instead of candles, he used his pumpkins to commemorate these dates and took advantage of this to perform all kinds of rituals. His tradition was always judged and taken badly, besides, who wouldn’t suspect someone who lives alone in the forest? -The others farmers said-.

Jack developed an obsession with pumpkins for some reason and each year he grew more and more, besides growing pumpkins, potions was his other obsession and he was day and night on his business.

-It’s Halloween again, years later-

During all the previous years, Jack never wanted to have a tradition of his own, he just wanted one of his pumpkins to grow gigantic and have a life of its own and he achieved it, he created the most gigantic pumpkin in all of Tibia, its shell became so strong that it was almost impossible to pierce it with any object, its stem became just as strong, this pumpkin looked like a huge skull, had a creepy smile and its eyes that looked like a door to hell.

Jack couldn’t keep his outfit the same, so he created lanterns made out of pumpkins and fire, which looked like a replica of his mutant pumpkin.

But that Halloween night, wouldn’t go well for Jack. His pumpkin had a life of its own and being created with potions and magic wasn’t good, the mutant pumpkin lost control and went to the town to hunt humans for its own satisfaction.

Jack, was a wizard incapable of harming the farmers, but his obsession with giving an unreal size and giving a pumpkin its own life led him to madness, he changed his magic to dark magic and this was reflected in the mutant pumpkin.

He lost control of the mutant pumpkin and was devoured by it and the only thing left of Jack were the lanterns made of pumpkins that he created for his new outfit. The farmers felt sad for what happened to Jack, since he never proved to be a threat to the town and therefore the tradition of putting lanterns made with pumpkins in their homes was created, they gave the name of Jack -o’-lantern to commemorate Jack during the dates of Halloween.

Every night of October 31, the mutant pumpkin appears to start its hunt and terrorize the town, but many say that it became much weaker, they say that since he devoured Jack the pumpkin lost part of its power.

Would you be willing to hunt down the creepy mutant pumpkin?

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