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This book feels extremely heavy, however you don’t need extra strength to hold it. You feel like you had to describe the properties of this book, but you could not do it without contradicting yourself. While analyzing it you realize that the letters on the cover are brighter, with a purple light that it seems it comes from a foreign place.

You decide to open the book, and after realizing that there’s missing pages, you start reading :

Journal of Galthen, Knight of the Order of the Falcons.

Day 890 since the disaster.

I haven’t been able to advance in the reading of the Grimoire Impulviatus, apparently Preceptor Lazare was right to warn me that after a certain point it was impossible to determine the destination to which I would be teleported if I used the rituals exposed in the book. I’ve decided to name this book the Spatial Warp Almanac because it fits more with the function of it.

Luckily, the protection amulet that Sinclair gave me is capable of preventing the gray plague from infecting me. Apparently this almanac has been infected with the corruption of the Dragon Emperor Zao, who through a false ascension process, worthy of extremely powerful necromancers like Goshnar or Omrabas, has been able to achieve eternal life in the form of an undead that consumes all life around it. This, brings as consequences that the people that use more than 10 rituals of this book, get affected by a process of zombification, in which your skin melts like butter in the hot sun of Kilmaresh.

The last time I performed a Spatial Warp Almanac ritual I ended up being teleported to a prison where nightmares were imprisoned, and among them was one that would send the bravest knights of our King Xenom’s orders fleeing in terror. While talking to a very confused elf on a mountain, not far from the prison, he told me that the name of such a demonic creature was Gaz’Haragoth, and that it was capable of giving battle to even the strongest demons of the underworld. I told him about my travels and explained what had happened, Eruaran, the elf of the Teshial caste who gave me such information, proceeded to give me a ring. He told me that this ring almost cost his life, and that I had to figure out on my own the secrets this ring beholds. He always referred to this ring as “The ring that will end everything”, even though on the ring band it says “Ring of Ending”. I have to mention that using this ring is probably one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever had in my entire life.. when I was holding it in my hands I couldn’t feel it, just staring at it, like it was weightless. On the other hand, when I put it on I felt like the ring was putting a strong pressure on my finger, feeling I could never take it off.. However, I’m able to put it on and take it off without any effort.

The next ritual on the Spatial Warp Almanac it’s called “70 69 74 73 20 6F 66 20 69 6E 66 65 72 6E 6F”. Sadly, although I have spent much of my time trying to decipher it with the erudite monks of Bounac, we have made no headway in deciphering the meaning of this message.

After analyzing the ring with the genie Telas and the great wizard Spectulus, we came to the conclusion that there is a 5% chance that the ring serves to protect us against the adverse effects of the almanac. We need to be very cautious, to proceed. I’ve decided to wait for the erudites from Bounac to progress on the code, before I dare to do the teletransportation ritual.

Day 905…

To be continued …

Would you be able to help Galthen to unravel this code? Comment your solution of the riddle, and take part on the next chapter of this FanFic.

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