Melinda’s Vengeance

This story starts in Thaian.

Home to many locals, a cozy little town, but it was also home to a witch no one knew.

Despite the “tranquility” in this town, the disappearances of livestock and people were increasing, until they managed to discover the reason. One night they discovered the reason of these disappearance and they realized that was Melinda who killed the people and animals to commit atrocious things on her cabin, she created potions to live a longer live and for this she needed human remains.

This alarm the locals, since witchcraft was an aberrant and overwhelming act for them, so they decided to kill her. By midnight Melinda had been murdered in the woods by locals out of concern for their lives.

Before being murdered, Melinda created a candle with human remains and a spell, which would wake her up 20 years after her death and the candle in her cabin would light up to announce her arrival.

Her spell book, which kept a life of its own due to all the locals disappeared by Melinda, was entombed in the Thaian cemetery and surrounded by holy ground.

The locals named the forest in which Melinda was killed as the Forbidden Forest, to prevent people with the same intentions as Melinda from following her wanderings and kept Melinda’s death and actions a secret, turning it into a legend so as not to arouse interest.

20 years later

October 31st

The candle with the human remains was lit!
Melinda comes back to life after 20 years.

What no one thought would happen, has happened. Melinda is back with a thirst for revenge. But it wouldn’t be forever, Melinda had returned to the world of the living, but only for 1 night and this would be enough to take revenge for those who ended her life.

To start her macabre plan she needed her book, this book would only return to her. when she whistle to it.

She went in search of the villagers who ended her life to take revenge, ending their lives in their homes with her poison potions.

Melinda was pleased that she had finished off the villagers who defeated her, but at dawn she would be gone. So, on the night of every October 31, Melinda returns to the world of the living to commit her aberrant acts against the villagers who live there, which is why on that date the families hide, the lights of each home are turned off while the whistle of that damn entity is heard calling her book and the candle of human remains gets lit announcing the arrival of Melinda to terrorize the people from that town.

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