Uniting lives in exchange of his.

Many years ago in Thais, there was a soldier who fought in the war Carlin against Thais, he was young, handsome, strong and quite committed to the defense of Thais, his name was Constatino.

One day he met a beautiful woman named Edesia, with whom he fell deeply in love.

But by this time, soldiers were forbidden to have partners, as King Tibianus believed that bachelors with fewer sentimental ties and fewer distractions made the best soldiers.

And for this reason Constantino and Edesia, were secretly meeting on the outskirts of the fields of Thais to horse ride. The love of these two was intensifying every day more and in a very short time.

Until one day the desire to get married came, they both gave themselves the task of finding some way to get married, but everything has to remain secret since if they were discovered by King Tibianus, both could suffer terrible punishments and including death.

Edesia, found a solution through one of her friends who was living the same situation, to be able to marry Constantine.

Her friend confessed that she was secretly married because they did not want to take the risk of any kind of punishment, she also confessed that there was a mysterious priest who had rebelled against the rules of King Tibianus and received young lovers to marry them.

Edesia had finally found a way to marry Constantino and thanked her friend, running out to look for her lover to tell him everything, when he found out about this, both were jumping with excitement and happiness.

They both decided to start their way to Ab’Dendriel to meet this priest, until they finally arrived at this place… The priest was an elf who was prepared to unite them for life.

Their marriage was a success, but as they were leaving, they saw some soldiers approaching the place where the priest was, they hid to see what was going to happen, after a while they watched how the soldiers came out holding the priest. This was sentenced to dead on Thais, on February 14.

The name of this priest elf was Valentin, and since his painful death, all the lovers remember him once a year.

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