An Unrequited Love

In the small island of Meriana there’s a Mermaid with blonde and bright
hair, that shines with the reflection of the sun in the ocean, her bright
green fins and her seashell bra that has a very peculiar blue color.

Marina was madly in love with Raymond, but he couldn’t love her back, he was having a romance with a woman from a wealthy family, Eleonore was Raymond’s fiancé name and Marina couldn’t tolerate this.

Marina sought help from a voodoo witch, they created a potion with pollen from a jungle rose, mermaid scales, lots of sugar, magic, love and three petals from a blood kiss flower.

This would make Raymond fall in love with Marina instantly.

On the island, Marina had a lover who lived south in the mountains, a very lonely Dijin named Ocelus but his shyness was his impediment to conquer Marina.

One day Ocelus asked for the help of an adventurer, he wanted to conquer Marina, which ended in a big rejection and Marina ended up moving away from all the adventurers that Ocelus sent to be able to conquer her.

One of the adventurers who helped Ocelus to conquer Marina, discovered that Marina along with a witch created a potion that caused Raymond to fall in love immediately and this was the cause of his separation with Eleonore, the adventurer did not hesitate to tell everything to Ocellus.

Ocelus together with the adventurer started their own investigation, to find out what was that strange potion, they went in search of the only witch that inhabited the Island.

The witch ended up confessing that the potion was an elixir of love, this elixir could cause instant falling in love but it was not lasting, she also confessed that to break this spell and win Marina over he had to give her an elven love poem.

Ocelus decided to send the adventurer to Ab’Dendriel in search of that elven love poem, then he sent him to deliver it to Marina.

Marina was shocked to receive this poem from Ocelus, the spell was magically undone and Marina forgot instantly about Raymond, but he still hated her for everything she did to him.

The elixir of love became one of the most coveted potions, but at the same time a very dangerous one.

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