The Library – Omrabas and the brew

You’ve managed to access a room that was behind a fake wall in Dark Cathedral. Here, you’ll find portraits of historical figures such as Amaro the Quester, Alistair Cropwell and Netlios. This room looks like it was a secret home of some adventurer,it appears it hasn’t been touched in ages. You find a shelf full of books, which seem to be organized by date, you decide to take the first set of books.

Stories of an explorer I :

We were a group of 8 members, our mission was clear: to investigate as much as possible of Drefia and its secrets.

We had encountered a very important historical figure in the area: Omrabas the Necromancer. Unfortunately, this distinctive character, who was at the same level as Goshnar, wasn’t at his most admirable moment, but rather the opposite, since he had been betrayed by his colleagues, who locked his soul in a skull to prevent him from making any summons or continuing with his plans and investigations.

Omrabas humbly asked us for help, and since we are mercenary adventurers, who are only motivated by money and knowledge, we decided to accept. In exchange for helping him to build a new body, he offered us a reward beyond our wildest dreams.

-this text seems to be only the first part of the adventure-.

Stories of an explorer II:

The missions we had to participate in were many and very tedious. One of the most grotesque was when one of the mages in our group had to summon snakes, these were going to be used as Omraba’s new intestines. The snakes were about three meters long, they were perfect for the terrible fate that awaited them as viscera.

However, besides all these eccentric missions, misfortune was waiting for us just around the corner. One of our members, named Jimm, had gotten a brew for his pipe just a week ago, made by the lizard-men of Chor in Port Hope. Despites our warnings and Hairycles, he decided to smoke it, that was the worst moment..

-this text retains an intoxicating smell, you can’t help but cover your mouth-.

Stories of an explorer III:

In the final part of our encounter with Omrabas, we had to find and use an ancient scroll to revive him. We decided to leave this banal task to Jimm, hoping that the simplicity of this task would suit his current state. Instead, Jimm used a recipe for a chicken soup that his mother had sent him a couple days ago.

We couldn’t revive Omrabas, his wrath and himself gave us a reward that we weren’t expecting. He gave us a bag with needles and thread, so we could sew our mouth and eyes.

Luckily, we were able to use this necromantic thread to tame one of the ancient creatures called “Gravediggers”, which I would rather not describe in detail.

-the rest of the document seems like they were talking about banning Jimm from the group-.

Full of curiosity for such curious adventures, you decide to continue with the following books. However, you can’t help but wonder: will I ever leave this lecture? It’s in that moment when your eyes hover in a book with hardcover and dark as the most dangerous cavern. This cover in some way seems to be infinitely flat and soft. You read engraved with a purple glow the following message:


You decide to grab this book, but when you reach it you realize it’s extremely heavy…

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