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From the entire TibiaTales team, we are immensely grateful to our partners for their support. Our partners offer great quality content for all players. Visit our partners to find out about their content and keep an eye out for upcoming contests with us.

Tibia Gallery is the perfect site to save your screenshots of your levels, achievements, decorations and much more.

Tibiapedia on its website it offers interesting articles, quest guides, a calculator and a question and answer section for any questions you may have.

Are you a lover of art in Tibia? Tibia Fanart has the best Tibia artists on their website, check out their content.

If you are interested in being part of the PvP, but also in being a great Charlover, don’t choose one, choose Tibia Duality.

TibiaMagazine offers the best information in a Tibian Magazine style, with fantastic articles of interest and more.

Tibia Home is the perfect site to get inspired and learn about decorations with its incredible articles.

Tibia Goals is the ideal site to share your story, goals and achievements, as well as enjoy articles about mental health, PvP, achievements, decorations and interviews.

The objective of TibiaSecrets is to continually reveal unpublished Tibian facts and mysteries, so stay tuned and be prepared for the unknown.

Footibia is a Tibian community focused on soccer leagues.

Originally created with the intent of being kind of like a blog where we could post what we did ingame, TibiaLife has changed since then and has become one of the best fansites for update quest spoilers.

LofiCoinsis an official Tibia Coins Reseller supported by different communities and CipSoft, you can buy Tibia Coins in Mexico and USA in a fast and reliable way, always with the best prices.

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