A mysterious creature

A giant creature with white and mysterious fur, was hiding in the dark forest and cold mountains of the cold city of Svargrond, his appearance resembled a giant bear, but at the same time seemed to be a man covered with hair, this was creating confusion among the people.

Few people managed to see this creature, since these creatures barely saw a hunter and ran away quickly. When the hunters arrived home with their families and friends, they told them about the encounter with this creature that everyone was talking about, but no one had seen. This caused fear in those who heard the exaggerated story and more and more people heard about the hunters version, this version full of lies just created to look brave among all, they said they had fought against these beasts that ate humans.

These few charlatan hunters didn’t know the consequences they were causing in other people by their exaggerated stories, as people wouldn’t longer want to leave their homes to hunt to bring food for their families, nor firewood to remain warm from the low temperatures, this cause the death of the majority of the people, becoming a crisis in the town.

The hunters, after realizing what they did, tried to escape the consequences of their actions, saying: “These beasts are killing our people, for this they will be hunted and their bodies will be brought to town, so you will lose your fear and return to normality”.

The exhaustive search for this creature began, they named it Yeti, and also gave it another name The abominable snowman. In the hunt of these creatures, any hunter was harmed, because these creatures ran away when they saw a hunter, as always. Due to the excessive hunting of the Yetis, they were disappearing faster and faster, or at least that’s what people believed.

Majka was a sweet girl who came from one of the Svargrond villages, she used to go to the mountains and forests in search of food. She knew that these hunters were only charlatans, who wanted to be treated as heroes by the rest of the people in the village. Majka used to watch from a distance the Yetis whenever she was fishing and she noticed that they weren’t what everyone was saying.

One day, Majka was fishing like she used to, and she heard a loud noise, this caught her attention, she realized that this noise was getting closer and closer, she realized that this noise was made by a baby yeti that was wrapped in thatch and starving, with fear, she fed him with some of what she had caught. After feeding him, she brought him to a warmer place, and leave the baby Yeti out of danger from any predator, or even from the hunters, but not as far to not take him away from his mother

after leaving him in a safer place, she returned back home and realized that in town, the hunters had a corpse of a Yeti on display, and saying they were going back for the baby. After seeing and hearing this situation, Majka was so worried about this small and defenseless creature, he lost his mother by the hands of these cruel hunters, so she decided to take care of this little baby and everyday she went to feed him and keep him away from the hunters.

Majka went everyday to the cave where she was hiding this little Yeti to be safe, but after a few days of secretly taking care of the baby Yeti, Majka was discovered on the way to the cave and this alerted the other habitants of Svargrond, they accused Majka to protect a violent creature, her days were getting harder and harder, it was very difficult for her to take care of the little Yeti and also take care of herself, after being pointed out by everyone as a consequence of her kindness, but one night Majka decided to escape.

Majka fled to the lonely island named Folda, she went there to keep her and the Yeti safe But she wasn’t planning to stay there for a long time, she would just wait for the Yeti to grow and take care of himself.

But that moment was soon to happen, because the little Yeti was soon to become a very gigantic creature, capable of obtaining its own food. Makja realized this, and she left feeling sad but she needed to leave to keep him away from the hunters.

Majkas plan to keep the Yeti safe, didn’t turn out entirely well, as the years went by civilization Expanded and reached the island of Folda, these new villagers tried many times to hunt down the fearsome but defenseless Yeti.

Majka’s whereabouts are unknown, since she left Folda they’ve never heard from her again.

This FanFic is inspired by Makadamia, admin of TibiaFanart and her fansite item, Yeti Doll.

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