Rebellion : The Fight of Women

In the war between the Kingdoms Carlin and Thais, chaos was released, the Thais Kingdom sent mercenary people, Carlin suffered a big loss of their army.

Their army was massacred and Carlin was unprotected, giving Thais Kingdom the easy way to get into their lands, Eloise was locked in the Femor Hills tower, her throne was taken away, losing her dignity in front of her enemies.

After the army was massacred, there was no man left, only women that trusted their husbands, fathers, brothers and friends, and after losing the war, her homes were taken away.

They were treated as slaves, make them work against their will on the fields, so they could exploited their lands and take all the resources to Thais.

Everytime more women were losing their lives due to hard work on the fields, especially the amazons, they lived in Carlin forest, that’s why they were punished more.

They were forced to many hours of hard work, and this was causing indignation between them and the rest of the women that lived in the city that were used as slaves on the invaders houses.

Until one day, a group of women raised against the invaders, this group being led by an amazon, her name was Bella Bonecrusher, she was tired of the injustices and decided to raise her voice against Thais mercenaries.

Bella gather all the amazons and many other women to fight against the mercenaries, but not all of them agreed, because they were considered weak for being women, but Bella was smart, a rumor was spreading on Carlin fields, it said that the war between Thais against Carlin left Thais in bad conditions, but they kept it hidden, they didn’t had enough resources to kept a good paid to some mercenaries that were protecting the Thais residents that lived in Carlin, because this some mercenaries decided to leave this invasion.

Said rumor was real, but everyone believed it was false, and because of this, many women weren’t trusting, but many others decided to fight and rather lose their lived fighting than dying being a slave.

After the women decided to carry out their plan, they took the southwest part of Thais, exactly on the docks of the King of Thais. Cutting all communication between the two Kingdoms.

This gave them advantage, but they were surrounded with a few mercenaries that were in the Thais Kingdom.

Due to the connection that existed between Eloise and Feyrist, Aylie decided to abandon the Academy of Magic in Edron, and supported the first army of women ever to exist.

For Aylie wasn’t easy to arrive there, she had to go through Kazordoon mines with the help of dwarfs, then she took canal to arrive there, taking advantage of the lack of communication between the two Kingdoms. Aylie arrived in the company of sorceresses and druids.

Using her fairy gifts and her elementalist powers, they fought till exhaustion next to Bella and the rest of the women, the druids used their powers to heal their wounds.

They were getting more and more control of the Kingdom, but Bella was hurt, and Aylie used her magic till she couldn’t anymore, both got separated from the rest, they went to the Femor Hill tower in order to free Eloise. Aylie used her powers till exhaustion to heal Bella, and be able to keep their journey.

Both were able to free Eloise, being the most historic moment in the whole Tibian history, because the Queens and Princesses were rescued by men, but in this case, there were two brave women that went to rescue the Queen Eloise.

But the war wasn’t over, Aylie got some rest after rescuing Eloise to keep fighting the war. The next day, Bella and Aylie decide to travel to Feyrist looking for a magic armor for Bella.

The fairies created a shiny and powerful armor for Bella, with the most pure and glowing colors, they called this armor, Amazon armor.

As a token of appreciation, Eloise gave her one of her crowns; the fairies embedded the crown on Bella’s helmet.

After that, Aylie, Bella and Eloise, decided to fight for the women’s rights in Carlin, with pride, bravery and courage, they became the most powerful army made of strong women, winning the war in their Kingdom.

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