About us

Tibia Tales is an unofficial Tibia fan site. And it focuses on Tibia’s lore, but our main idea is to create Tibia FanFic (Fan Fiction), surely you have ever thought or read a crazy Tibia story and if so, you will love our fan site.

We want our fan site to be a place full of creativity, to fill it with supremely funny, crazy, romantic and sad stories, to catch the attention of Tibia’s readers.

Tibia is full of so many mysteries, stories, characters and creatures, which serve us to play with the creativity of the FanFic, we will also have our adventurer Aylie who will be the protagonist of this fan site.

We will have interviews with groups of players from time to time to tell us about their amazing Tibia FanFic.

And remember, Tibia Tales is not just a fansite, but a book full of adventures!

Members of Tibia Tales:

Helvans and Milny


Helvans (@Helvaans)

Founder of Tibia Tales.

Responsible for technical issues and website management.


Milny (@Miliedolls2)

Founder of Tibia Tales.

Responsible of creating content (Lore and FanFic).


Amy Meow (@Amymeow.s2)
Designer of Tibia Tales.
Responsible for the visual material of the website and multimedia graphics.


Flor Belina (@Flor_bel_ina)

Community Manager and content creator.

Responsible of social media management and content creation.

Skyelie (@_skyelie_)


Responsible for the translation of the content of the website.