The royal family of Fey

the ancient kingdom Feyristopia, today known as Feyrist. There was a family, not well known and they called themselves The royal family of Fey.

This family was formed by Queen Leonor and King Hans. On one hand, Leonor who was Queen Elorana’s older sister. While on the other hand, Hans, a simple gentleman who met Leonor in Carlin.

Elorana and Leonor were forced to go to Carlin by her brother Xenom, due to his desire to colonize Carlin. Elorana and Leonor were part of a group called “the exiles.”

Xenom believed that the task of colonizing the lands northwest of Thais would be easy, so along with the exiles he also sent his best soldiers called “The Bloody Legion.” But, this task proved more difficult than it seemed, more and more civilians died at the hands of the Orcs, and the bloody legion became increasingly weaker.

Due to the injustices Leonor and Elorana, they decided to gather all the women and provoke a rebellion against their brother Xenom and change history completely. Then, Leonor and Elorana carried out the plan to overthrow their brother by uniting the women of Carlin.

Leonor and Elorana managed to undermine the authority of their brother Xenom and managed to convince the bloody legion to withdraw their troops from the lands of Carlin. Furthermore, both achieved a peace treaty with the Orcs, but this was not their plan, since Leonor planned to attack unexpectedly and put an end to this army of green and smelly ogres.

Leonor carried out her plan successfully, but these ugly creatures were not completely exterminated, so some fled and founded their own Kingdom away from the civilization of Carlin.

Leonor and Elorana caused joy among women and completely changed the history of Carlin, which at first was going to be a land colonized by a dictator, became a land ruled by women.

Due to the overthrow of Xenom in Carlin, by law Leonor would be the successor of said title, and no civilian opposed this due to her bravery. But these plans changed, and this story ended with Elorana being crowned and promising the population that Carlin is and will always be ruled by women as her sister Leonor promised from the beginning.

Leonor’s disappearance was somewhat strange for civilians. But, little by little this was forgotten due to Elorana’s deceptions, since she made everyone believe that Leonor decided to go back to Thais with her brother Xenom. When the reality is that Elorana forced Leonor to leave Carlin. This was a confession from Elorana herself to her daughter Eloise, days before her death.

Because Leonor was expelled from Carlin by her own sister, who betrayed her in order to succeed to the throne, threatening to disappear Hans, who at that time had met Leonor when they were still under the Xenom dictatorship and it was love at first sight.

Elorana used this against him, since Hans did not belong to any royal family and this is why they both fled. His first choice was Thais, but this would be impossible due to the fury that Xenom would unleash against Leonor. So, they decided to flee to the modern city of Venore.

But during their trip they were attacked by pirates and were shipwrecked for days, aimlessly, as the pirates looted their ship.

When suddenly Leonor saw in the distance a beautiful mermaid with blonde hair and blue fins. The mermaid decided to push her ship towards the coast of Feyristopia to help them. Both hungry and dehydrated, they saw the forest of Feyristopia as a new home. They thanked the mermaid, and asked her name and where they were.

The mermaid kindly responded:

My name is Sally, and this is Feyristopia. The island of fairies and dreams.

Over time, Leonor learned to communicate with the fairies and all about their magic, while Hans learned with the help of the fauns to carve wood, rocks and build houses.

Maelyrra, who is the eternal monarch of Feyrist, was only observing the behavior of these two secretly and was surprised by how quickly they adapted, so one day like any other, she decided to show up. She asked them how they had arrived and why. So, they both decided to tell their stories about how they were exiled, mistreated and expelled again from where their new home was going to be. Furthermore, Leonor told him about how her sister Elorana threatened to disappear Hans for not being from a royal family. Maelyrra, who already knew the past of the former monarchs of the Thaian kingdom.

Maelyrra decided to make them part of her noble court of Feyristopia, due to Eleanor’s experience as a ruler. So, Leonor and Hans, from one moment to the next went from being exiled to being part of the noble court of Feyristopia, in addition, Maeylrra trained Leonor to be as powerful as her, since difficult times were approaching for Feyristopia.

One day, Maelyrra decides to simply give the throne to Leonor, as a thank you for her help and it was also time to rest. So, from that moment on, Eleanor became the monarch of Feyristopia, alongside Hans.

Becoming the first humans to rule Feyristopia and since then “The royal family of Fey” was created.

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