Medusa : The Wrong Villain

Somewhere in the Meriana Islands a cursed creature was hiding, among all the monsters that inhabited the nightmares of the inhabitants of the Meriana Islands, this was one of the most feared.

Many were some of the brave who dared to hunt such a creature, but none of them returned, they say that this being was so horrible that no one could face the creature. Medusa was her name, but she was not always like that.

Iralia was Medusa’s name and she was characterized for her amazing beauty, she was one of the most beautiful women that existed in the Meriana Islands. Iralia was born from the union of two sea deities, and grew up as a normal girl. Iralia grew up and she became even more and more beautiful and charming day by day. Iralia’s beauty made young people an easy target, including Stephan, declaring his love for Medusa.

Iralia loved Stephan, her dream was becoming a priestess of the Meriana Islands, therefore she couldn’t give in to the temptations of love.

When she reached the appropriate age, Iralia began her preparation to become a priestess of the Meriana Islands.

An exemplary conduct and strict discipline were required of temple apprentices, as all their actions could reflect on the reputation of the Goddess.

One of the main requirements to become a priestess of the Meriana Islands was absolute purity; they were to be reflected in the Meriana Islands.

Iralia became the perfect priestess, way to perfect. Each act performed by her attracted more and more followers; they were delighted with the way in which Iralia performed her activities.

Medusa possessed beautiful hair, with its movements that would practically hypnotize whoever watched her. A man dared to say that Iralia was way more beautiful than the Goddess Atheas, the Goddess watched from her temple all the commotion was happening in one of her temples and she realized that any of them were there to worship her, they were there to watch Iralias beauty.

Atheas contained from taking action on them, as they diverted their worship to admire Iralia. The Goddess knew this wasn’t right, it wasn’t the priestess fault, she was only doing her job the best way possible.

From another part of the Meriana Islands, the God Arzetus observed the uneasiness of the Goddess. Arzetus and Atheas, maintained a rivalry since it was discussed for some territories of the Meriana Islands, Atheas was the winner of that dispute and she changed the name of the Meriana Islands to Atheas Islands.

Arzetus accepted the defeat and waited for the right moment to take revenge and he realized that Atheas had her attention on her most gentle priestess and decided that this beautiful priestess would be the instrument for his revenge.

Arzetus planned to tarnish Atheas’s reputation by reaching out to her most exemplary followers.

Iralia kept living her life as normal, without knowing she was being watched by Arzetus. Iralia was walking by the sea and was being watched, she saw the God of the Seas between the rocks, Arzetus used his charm to seduced Athea’s priestess, but Iralia never forgot her vows, not even when she was dazzled.

Arzetus refused to be rejected and aroused his fury, committing misdeeds with Iralia in one of Atheas’s temples. Arzetus left the temple, satisfied with the vengeance he planned, also by corrupting the best priestess of Atheas, he also degraded one of the most beloved and pure temples of the Goddess.

When Atheas arrived at the temple, she observed what happened, she punished Iralia and as a punishment she turned her beautiful hair into serpents.

Stephan went looking for Iralia, to comfort her and as he got closer he was bitten by a snake, Iralia frightened turned around and the two young people looked into each other’s eyes and Stephan became a stone statue.

Iralia, to not hurt more people, she escaped. While Iralia escaped, some inhabitants saw her and went to tell the others about that horrible snake-haired creature and a group was formed to hunt Iralia, who was now called Medusa. This group of men were found later, petrified.

Medusa intentions were not to hurt anyone, she was just defending herself from the attacks, but when Atheas found out what happened to her habitants, she asked for Medusa’s head, she gathered her bravest knights, one of them called Herseo, he would do anything to get Atheas attention, he saw her in distance and with his shiny armor he got closer sneaking up, when Medusa realized that she turned to him to defend herself, but it was too late, Herseo cut her head.

As a proof of his love to Atheas, Herseo made a wand with Medusa’s head on it, being one of the most powerful wands, besides it was cut-off, Medusa’s powers still remained on her head. Atheas uses her Medusa’s wand to turn into stone to those who dare to corrupt her temples.

Medusa was mistreated as a cursed creature, when she was just the victim of Atheas and Arzetus unjust.

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