Flower Month

Requirements: ♡ Premium Account (to be able to trade with NPC Rosemarie). ♡ Level 8. ♡ Enough supplies to face invasions of Dryads. ♡ Seeds. ♡ Watering can (to water the plants). Rewards: ♡ Flower Pots (random). ♡ Achievement “Preservationist”, when using an Ice Flower Seed on a Flower Pot. ♡ Achievement “Green Thumb”, water […]

Demon’s Lullaby

DEMON’S LULLABY Requirements: ♡ Free Account ♡ Some of the following items to complete the tasks: Moldy Cheese, Fishing Rod, Worms, Dragon Ham, War Drum, Hammer. Don’t rush to get them because the tasks are random! ♡ Key 3012 (to open the door of Hellgate, in case our baby demon asks to go to Draconia. […]

A piece of Cake

A PIECE OF CAKE Requirements: ♡ Level 8. ♡ Free/Premium account (Free players can help with the first part of this World Quest -invasions in cities free-). ♡ Server organization. ♡ Dwarven Ring (recommended). General Rewards: For Premium players for 7 days: ♡ 25% faster health and mana regeneration; ♡ Bonus of +50% experience. Individual […]

Tibia Anniversary

TIBIA ANNIVERSARY Requirements: ♡ Account Free and Level 0. Rewards: ♡ +15% Bonus Experience, while Pinata Dragons spawn on Thais. ♡ Chance to obtain unique items. General Notes: Let’s celebrate Tibia’s birthday! This annual event begins on January 7 and ends on the 10th of the same month. Durante este tiempo podremos formar parte de […]

Winterlight Solstice

WINTERLIGHT SOLSTICE Requirements: ♡ Premium Account and Level 30+ (recommended). ♡ Enough supplies to face the boss The Percht Queen and the creatures that appear on the island, Baleful Bunnys, Bonny Bunnys, Animated Snowman, Perchts and Schiachs. Rewards: ♡ Rapid Respawn Rate (2x). The Respawn time of all Tibia creatures will be increased at the […]

The Lightbearer

The nights are getting darker! It’s up to you and Aylies help to light up the sky against the evil forces that want to invade our world. Gather all your friends and show the darkness what you are made of! THE LIGHTBEARER Requirements: ♡ Premium account. Free accounts will also be able to participate by […]


HALLOWEEN Requirements: ♡ Premium Account. ♡ Level 100+ and enough supplies, to face the boss The Mutated Pumpkin. Rewards: ♡ Chance to face the boss The Mutated Pumpkin. (Bosstiary Category : Nemesis) ♡ Achievement “Mutated Presents”. ♡ Decoration Items. INTRODUCTION The annual Halloween event starts on October 31st and ends on November 3rd server save. […]


You want to party with Aylie like there’s no tomorrow? Are you ready for some fun activities? It’s your lucky day! Because Orcsoberfest it’s around the corner! The time has come for the orgers to fill up on all the food and beer one could dream of, while the diligent orcs work tirelessly to ensure […]

Annual Autumn Vintage

The first batch of winter berries is finally ripe. Now is the time to produce the berry juice during our Annual Autumn Vintage, Which takes place from October 1st to 8th and again from October 17 to 24 Just make sure to take off your shoes and wash your feet before you start walking over […]

Colours of Magic

The Wizards Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power and Fern of Nature are back in the Tibia lands, competing for the votes of the Tibian citizens. Now with Aylie you can decide who is the most popular wizard in your server. COLOURS OF MAGIC Requirements: ♡ Free account or premium, level 8 ♡ Supplies to […]

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