Colours of Magic

The three wizards Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power and Fern of Nature are back to the Tibian lands, competing to see who is the most popular among the citizens of Tibia. Once again you can choose which wizard is the most popular on your server. COLOURS OF MAGIC Requirements: ♡ Free account or premium, […]

Rise of Devovorga

The evil Devovorga is about to emerge from the depths of her baleful kingdom! Gather your friends, make peace with your enemies and fight next to Aylie, because this is a fight that you can’t win by yourself. Only by working together you’ll overcome the nightmarish incarnations of that bloodthirsty offspring of pure devil! After […]

Hot Cuisine

Aylie needs help in Jean Pierre’s kitchen, want to help? Requirements: Premium account and Level 35+ Rewards:  ♡ By completing all the dishes twice the first time, you’ll get the achievement “Culinary Master”. ♡ The dishes obtained during this event can be only used every 15 minutes. You can only cook the dishes 2 times […]