Colours of Magic

The Wizards Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power and Fern of Nature are back in the Tibia lands, competing for the votes of the Tibian citizens. Now with Aylie you can decide who is the most popular wizard in your server.



♡ Free account or premium, level 8

♡ Supplies to kill some creatures and be able to get an envelope from the Wizards.

♡ Strange red powder, Strange blue Powder o Strange yellow powder, obtained by opening an Envelope from the Wizards.


General Rewards:

♡ The server will be rewarded for a week with different benefits, depending on which wizard has more followers until the last day of the event:

  • Feiz of Power (violet): The majority of spellcaster creatures such as ice witches or draken spellweavers, for example, will give 25% more experience points. The boosts from Berserk Potions and Bullseye Potions increase to +7 (+2), while the negative effects to shielding will decrease to -8 (instead of being -10). The mastermind potions will have an increase of +5 in Magic Level.
  • Fern of Nature (green): The regeneration from mana and health potions will be increased by 10%.
  • Furb of Fun (orange):The shared experience bonus in party mode will be raised by 30%. The chance to successfully sculpt Ice Mammoths and Beautiful Marble Statues multiplied by 10. Festive items will drop from the creatures which dropped the envelopes (Fireworks Rockets, Party Trumpets, Snowballs and Party Hats).

Individual Reward:

♡ Zaoan Chess Box and the possibility of getting any additional pieces of the 32 pieces that the chess contains.

♡ Achievement “I did my part”, after choosing any of the 3 colors of the wizards, only if it’s the first time you are participating in a World Quest.

♡ Achievement “True colours”, Obtained by participating in the The Colours of Magic event three times.

General notes:

This event takes place in Tibia twice a year: in March (from 15 -23) and in September (from 15-23). After the server save, our Server Log will show the next message: “The Three Wizards send their regards! You, the people of Tibia, have been chosen to take part in a unique magical contest”.


To begin, you’ll need an Envelope From the Wizards. Obtaining one is very easy, you can loot it from any of the next creatures during the event:

Azure Frog

Deepling Worker

Frost Giant

Lizard Legionnaire



Dire Penguin

Frost Giantess

Mutated Bat




Frost Troll

Orchid Frog

Terror Bird


Dragon Hatchling

Ice Witch


Thornback Tortoise

Crystal Spider

Dragon Lord

Killer Caiman

Polar Bear


Deepling Guard

Elder Bonelord

Lancer Beetle

Quara Constrictor

Winter Wolf

Deepling Scout

Frost Dragon

Lizard Chosen

Quara Mantassin


Deepling Spellsinger

Frost Dragon Hatchling

Lizard High Guard

Quara Mantassin Scout

Once we looted an Envelope From the Wizards, we will open it and we’ll obtain a Letter from the Wizards and a Strange Powder it can be any color (yellow, red or blue) like on the picture:

Now we have to find another player that has already participated in the event to do the next step.


Now, we have to mix the colors. To this, we will have to “use” on our Strange Powder.

One part of this color will be used on you, and a rest of power will remain on your backpack.

With the remains, you will have to find another player that has already participated in this year’s event to combine both colors.

We recommend asking about the other player’s color, before you use it, just to make sure that the combination you are using is the correct one and the wizard you want can win.

♡ If that player chooses the same color as ours, we are not going to be able to mix the colors ( we will have to keep looking for players with different colors than ours).

♡ If that player chose a different color than yours, the mix will be successful and the combination of colors too. You will get the Achievement “I did my part” if it’s the first time participating in a world event, after doing the mix.

Possible combinations of colors:




Note: *When you do the mixing of colors, an orange message will appear on your screen showing what color that the other player chose.

Now that you mixed the colors, obtaining orange, violet or green, you must go to the different locations in the cities of Thais, Carlin or Venore, depending on the result of you combination , to claim your Zaoan Chess Box and be able to change your points for more chess pieces.

If you want to get them additionally, stay with the NPC and read this guide till the end!

Obtaining the Zaoan Chess Box

  • NPC Paulette – Thais (violet): If you mixed red or blue.

When you find it, say: HI- CHESS and you will receive a Zaoan Chess Box (one per character).

Say STATUS if you want to know which wizard is gathering the most followers on your server.

  • NPC Friedolin – Carlin (orange color): If you have mixed red and yellow (or vice versa)

When you find it, say: HI- CHESS and you will receive a Zaoan Chess Box (one per character).

Say STATUS if you want to know which wizard is gathering the most followers on your server.

  • NPC Nathaniel – Venore (green color): If you have mixed green and yellow (or vice versa)

When you find it, say: HI- CHESS and you will receive a Zaoan Chess Box (one per character).

Say STATUS if you want to know which wizard is gathering the most followers on your server.

The wizard that has more followers before March/September 23 will win the event. As a reward your server will have a bonus for a week. Enjoy your rewards!!


After completing the color combination, not only it’s possible to get the Zaoan Chess Box, but you can also get the chess pieces. For this, we will have to accumulate points like this:

♡ The mix of colors that we made previously will give us 20 points: 10 points when using the Strange Powder on yourself + 10 points when using a Strange Powder on another character.

♡ We can collect Strange Powders and deliver them to the NPC of the color that has resulted from your mix: You will receive 1 Bonus Point for every 5 Strange Powders delivered.

Obtaining the chess pieces:

By accumulating the necessary points for the piece we want, we will talk to the NPC corresponding to the color that has resulted from your mixture.

We will say HI – SPEND.

We will get 3 options: “LUCK” “SELECT” OR “QUEEN”

♡ Saying “LUCK” to the NPC, you will receive a random chess piece (5 points will be spent).

♡ By saying “SELECT”, you can choose any piece except the Queen (20 points will be spent).

♡ Saying “QUEEN”, you will choose the Queen (60 points will be spent).

List of chess pieces (32 in total to have it complete)

  • 8 Jade Zaoan Pawn
  • 2 Jade Zaoan Rook
  • 2 Jade Zaoan Knight
  • 2 Jade Zaoan Bishop
  • 1 Jade Zaoan King
  • 1 Jade Zaoan Queen
  • 8 Obsidian Zaoan Pawn
  • 2 Obsidian Zaoan Rook
  • 2 Obsidian Zaoan Knight
  • 2 Obsidian Zaoan Bishop
  • 1 Obsidian Zaoan King
  • 1 Obsidian Zaoan Queen

Enjoy your rewards!!


If you are an achievement collector, during this event you can get the achievements “Ice sculptor”, “Cold as ice”, “Marblelous” and “Marble madness”. You can get these achievements on any day of the year, but many players use the reward on this event to obtain them easier. If in your server the color orange succeed, you’ll get more possibilities to get them. Take advantage of this!

♡ Achievement “Ice Sculptor”: Obtainable by sculpting an Ice Mammoth from Ice Cubes by using an Obsidian Knife on it.

♡ Achievement “Cold as ice”: Obtainable by sculpting 10 Ice Mammoths from Ice Cubes by using an Obsidian Knife on them.

♡ Achievement “Marblelous”: Obtainable by making a Beautiful Marble Statue from a Piece of Marble Rock using an Obsidian Knife.

♡ Achievement “Marble madness”: Obtainable by making five Beautiful Marble Statues from a Piece of Marble Rock.

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