You want to party with Aylie like there’s no tomorrow? Are you ready for some fun activities? It’s your lucky day! Because Orcsoberfest it’s around the corner!

The time has come for the orgers to fill up on all the food and beer one could dream of, while the diligent orcs work tirelessly to ensure that no plate or mug goes empty. Earn festive points by participating in numerous activities, enter the lottery for a chance to win big prizes, or try to satiate King Chuck’s ravenous appetite for a reward.



♡ Premium account and Level 8 (Level 100+ for the bosses).

♡ Broom (for the activity of cleaning).

♡ Worms (for the activity of fishing).


♡ Orcsoberfest Garb Outfit and addons.

♡ Mounts (Red Rolling Barrel, Green Rolling Barrel, Blue Rolling Barrel).

♡ Achievements (“Orcsoberfest Welcome”by completing all activities successfully, “Do a Barrel Roll” by getting 1 mount, “Traditionalist” by getting the Outfit Orcsober Garb full).

♡ Festive points. You could get these by participating in different activities. As we will see later, they are exchanged for decoration objects, Lots, festive foods and Plushies.

♡ Possibility of facing the bosses The Great Schnitzel and King Chuck (Boss of Nemesis category).

♡ +50% experience bonus on Demons category creatures, for 3 days.

General Notes:

This event takes place twice a year, in March and October (second Friday of the month). It lasts 7 days. It consists of performing certain festive activities on the island of Orcsober to get festival points.

These can be exchanged for Lots, food, decoration items and plushies.


To start, we will look for the access teleport to Orcsober Island. This one is located south of Thais in a tent that will appear in the following location:

Once on the island we can do different activities to earn Festive Points. First of all, we will explain the simplest ones and then the most complex ones, where we will need access to another sector of the island called Feeding Grounds:


When arriving to the island you will notice that there are fishing rods of different shapes along the coast.

Each rod requires different baits to work:

♡ With the worms on thje backpack, you’ll use the Simple fishing rod. By doing this you’ll catch a tiny bass.

*Worms can be purchased from NPC Xaver on Orcsober Island.

♡ With the tiny bass in your backpack, you’ll use the Stout fishing rod. By doing this you will catch a small bass.

♡ With the small bass on your backpack, you will use the Advanced rod. By doing this you will catch a bass.

When fishing a Bass we will instantly obtain 10 Festive Points. Each fishing rod can be used every 15 seconds.


To carry out this activity we must get drunk with some large barrels of beer (Supercask) that are found on the island.

We must use them until a message appears in orange letters saying “Superdrunk”. In the state of “Superdrunk” we must use a table with nails (Nailing Beam) that is nearby.

The Dwarven rings won’t help to remove the effect of the alcohol. The best option will be to ask a friend to push us towards the table to be able to use it.

By using the Nailing Beam in the “Superdrunk” state, we will earn 5 Festive Points. We can repeat this 3 times in a row and earn a total of 15 Festive Points.


This activity is very simple. We will walk through the teleport and pull the lever.

By doing this it’ll take us to the whack the orc activity. To win in this game you will have to be very fast.

We will put in our backpack the hammer that is in the center of the game (it is recommended to put it in a hotkey) and we will start hammering only the orcs (on the contrary, hammering a cat will make us lose).

By hammering a large number of orcs we will win the game and we will get 5 Festive Points for each orc hit.

This activity can be repeated every 15 minutes.

RACE(The Great Food Race)

This activity consists of luring a food truck as fast as possible to the end of the road, where we will find the goal.

Up to 3 players can enter the car races. We recommend taking the fork that is at the beginning and putting it in our backpack (it will help us in an emergency).

During the race we will find some obstacles:

  • Floor: depending on the type of floor that our car crosses, its speed will be:

♡ Dirt floor: normal speed.

♡ Sand floor: slow speed.

♡ Tar floor (black color): very slow speed.

  • Slowing slime: This creature will cast a massive spell that will reduce your speed. That’s why we will try to avoid them.

Note: The Druids can cast exura gran mas res to remove the effect.

  • Annoying dog: crossing paths with this annoying dog can be very negative for our race. He will be able to get in the way of our car, follow it or slow it down.

To “distract” him we will use the fork that we got at the beginning of the race in our food cart. This one will drop a food and we will lure the dog in it, slowing down its pace.

On the contrary, it will help our car to reach the finish line:

Font of Refreshment: it will increase the speed of our car if its expansive magic reaches it.

If a food truck of the participants in the race manages to reach the finish line, all participants will get 15 Festive Points and the game will be won. 15 Festive Points will be earned for each car that reaches the finish line.

FOOD CONTEST(Sausage Eating Contest)

To participate in this competition you must get a team of 3 to 5 players.

This activity consists of eating as many sausages as possible. It is recommended that your character is hungry when participating. It can be done every 15 minutes.

Each player must click on the sausages that appear on the plate. If you are no longer hungry and can’t eat any more sausages, you will lose the challenge and won’t earn Festive Points!

If you win, you’ll get:

♡ 6 Festive Points, if 3 players participated.

♡ 8 Festive Points, if 4 players participated.

♡ 10 Festive Points, if 5 players participated.


By accessing this sector of the island, we can do other activities to obtain Festive Points. A minimum of Level 100 is recommended since in this part you will face different types of Orgers.

Initially you will need to collect 10 Schnitzel Points to gain access to this teleport for 2 hours. Getting these it’s very simple:

An hour after the Server Save starts the event, the following message will appear in your Server Log:


Then another message: “HUNT THE SCHNITZEL!”. With this second announcement, The Great Schnitzel will appear somewhere in Tibia. Her teleport (Ominous Cauldron) will appear in one of the big cities.

omnious cauldron

We recommend using an All Knowing Sausage (exchangeable item for 100 Festive Points on Orcsober Island). To obtain it, we will tell the NPC Xaver (HI – SAUSAGE-YES). Using it will tell us in which city the cauldron is located.

all knowing sausages

If you don’t have it, you can check on the big cities to find this teleport:

♡ Yalahar, near the entrance to the Magician Quarter.

♡ Ankrahmun, north of the east exit.

♡ Carlin, northeast of the ship that goes to Folda, Vega and Senja.

♡ Darashia, northeast of Last Creep Standing.

♡ Ab’dendriel, north of NPC Alkestios.

♡ Cormaya, southwest of NPC Dedoras.

♡ Edron, north of Stonehome.

♡ Farmine, north of the stairs leading to Zao.

♡ Issavi, southwest of the south exit of the city.

♡ Liberty Bay, northwest of the city.

♡ Kazordoon, north of the east exit.

♡ Port Hope, northeast of the Water Elementals cave.

♡ Rathleton, southwest of NPC Roswitha.

♡ Svargrond, northeast of the Barbarian Camp.

♡ Thais, near Smeralda’s shop, southwest of the theater.

♡ Venore, southwest of Riverspring Guildhall.

♡ Fibula, east of the tunnel.

When finding the teleport, you’ll see The Great Schnitzel in the middle of the room.

In this battle, we must defeat the Spawns of Schnitzel, these looks like hams. These are not dangerous, just kill them to obtain a hammer from them (Schnitzel Meat Grinder). Use this hammer on the boss. Each hammer will inflict 250 HP.

spawn of the schnitzel
schnitzel meat grinder

For every Schnitzel Meat Grinder used in the boss we will get 1 Schnitzel Point. Use at least 10 hammers to enter the Feeding Grounds for 2 hours.

The activities you can realize here are the next ones:


For this activity you will need a Broom (broom).


* Can be purchased from NPC Nelliem in Venore for 12 gps.

Get it and on the Orcsober Island you must go to the Feeding Grounds (the teleport is northeast of the entrance to the island).

Once there we will use our Broom on the vomit puddle (green vomit stains that we will find on the floor throughout the cave). Cleaning them with our broom will make them disappear.

We will earn 1 Festive Point for each vomit stain we clean. We can clean one every 15 minutes.


This activity takes place at the Feeding Grounds. On the floor we will see different food residues (potato peelings, old meat, flaccid salad, rotten tomatoes, bread crusts, etc.).

We will pick them up and feed the Meager Porker that is located in the middle of the island.

Make sure you have enough capacity to be able to collect a lot of waste. It is recommended to do this activity in a group since the waste will disappear from your backpack after a certain time. In addition, between 200 and 300 residues will be required to fatten the pig.

Once the pig is a Fat Pork, we must kill it. It can only be killed by people who have fed it enough.

By killing a Fat Pork we will get 25 Festive Points. This activity can be done every 30 minutes.

KING CHUCK (The Feast)


♡ Access to Feeding Grounds, Level 100.

♡ Team of up to 5 players (we recommend not doing it alone as there is a limit of 10 minutes to complete it).

This is our last and most difficult challenge. We can repeat it every 1 hour with a limit of 3 times every 24 hours.

It consists of satisfying the boss King Chuck, cooking and giving him a drink. For this, we will go to the Feeding Grounds and go down to floor -2 where we will find the teleport to the southwest.

* Important: In this challenge we must not try to collect penalty points in any of the 4 stages. By having many penalty points we will be expelled from the boss room.

Once we enter the room, the challenge will begin, which will have 4 stages (which will be repeated):

Stage 1: Ingredients

In the room there is a large cauldron in the middle, 4 tables with ingredients (to the south, north, east and west) and spare wood to the southeast of the room (when used they will be stored in your backpack).

The chef that is located on the south will say an ingredient (an orange message will appear on your screen).

Look for the ingredient on the tables and use it in the cauldron immediately after the message (by clicking the item on the table, it will appear in your backpack).

Only one ingredient will be required at a time. After using 5 ingredients in the cauldron, a new stage will start.

Stage 2: Barrels

When you finish with the ingredients, this new stage begins where some beer elementals called Rampaging Beer Elementals appear.

These creatures must be lured into activated traps (open traps). To activate a trap, we will simply click on it.

When luring a Rampaging Beer Elemental into activated traps, it will transform into a Captured Beer Keg.

Now just lure the beer barrel to the upper left corner of the room (northwest of the room).

*It is recommended at this stage to get as far away from the creatures as possible, since by getting too close to them we can receive penalty points.

Perform this procedure with all Rampaging Beer Elementals.

Once this stage is finished, you will return to the ingredients stage.

Stage 3: King Chuck

At the beginning of this stage we will see that the boss King Chuck is in the room. It is recommended that we do not get too close as we can earn penalty points.

To the south-left of the room we will see a beer barrel. Click on it until another beer barrel appears in the room, called Strong Orger Beer.


The King Chuck is thirsty. To satisfy it, we must take it to where the Strong Orger Beer is so that it hits it head-on.

Repeat this procedure until King Chuck drinks enough and returns to his starting location for a new stage to begin:

Stage 4: Orger Treasure

We will see a small chest to the south of the cauldron (Orger Treasure).


Attack it to get a reward (you will receive a Violet Gem and if you are lucky, some plushie from the event).

When you finish this activity successfully, you will earn 100 Festive Points.

By successfully completing all the Orcsober Fest activities, we will obtain the “Orcsoberfest Welcome” Achievement.


♡ +50% Experience Bonus, on Demons category creatures, for 3 days.

♡ Orcsoberfest Garb Outfits: It will be achieved in parts, doing the King Chuck activity.

In each event that is participated, then, we will receive a part:

Outfit Base: We must have performed the event 2 times to obtain it.

1st Participation: You will receive a Lederhosen.

2nd Participation: You will receive a Traditional Shirt (and the base outfit).

Addons: We must have done the event a total of 6 times to get the full outfit.

3rd Participation: You will receive a Traditional Neckerchief.

4th Participation: You will receive a Traditional Stein (and the first addon of your outfit).

5th Participation: You will receive a Traditional Gamsbart Hat.

6th Participation: You will receive some Traditional Leather Shoes (and the second addon of your outfit).

By completing your outfit with its addons, you will get the “Traditionalist” Achievement.

♡ Mounts: Red, Blue and Green Rolling Barrel.

To obtain them, you must have a Decorative Sheet of the color you want in your backpack and use a Beer Tap in a Super Cask.

Red, Blue and Green Decorative Sheets they can be looted from Bellicose Orger (located in the Feeding Grounds).

Beer Tap, It can be obtained as loot from Roast Pork (we can find several throughout Orcsober Island).

Completing one of the Orcsober Fest mounts will earn you the Achievement “Do a Barrel Roll”.


The Festive Points obtained during our participation in the different activities can be exchanged at the NPC Xaver.

We can check how many Festive Points we have by saying :HI – FESTIVE POINTS.

We will be able to exchange our holiday points for decoration objects, Lots, festive foods and Plushies:

Lots:Each one will cost 10 Festive Points. By using it (clicking on it) we can randomly obtain and if we are lucky, plushies or food items.

All knowing sausage (100 Festive Points): As mentioned above, it makes it easier to find the portal to The Great Schnitzel boss. We will tell to the NPC Xaver: “HI-SAUSAGE-YES”.


Plushie of Gaz’Haragoth

Plushie of Devovorga

Plushie of King Tibianus

Sight of Surrender’s Plushie

Plushie of a Hydra

Plushie of a Deepling


Leberkas (100 Festive Points).

Candy Floss (100 Festive Points).

Stockfish (140 Festive Points).

Blue Gingerbread Heart (500 Festive Points)

Green Gingerbread Heart (500 Festive Points)

Red Gingerbread Heart (500 Festive Points)

Decoration Items:

Chair: It can be red, blue or green (1500 Festive Points).

Table: It can be red, blue or green (2500 Festive Points).

Rack: It can be red, blue or green (1800 Festive Points).

Candelabra: It can be red, blue or green (2000 Festive Points).

Decorative Barrel (1300 Festive Points).

Unicorn Weisswurst (2000 Festive Points).

Wall Hangings: It can be red, blue or green (1200 Festive Points).

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