♡ Premium Account.

♡ Level 100+ and enough supplies, to face the boss The Mutated Pumpkin.


♡ Chance to face the boss The Mutated Pumpkin. (Bosstiary Category : Nemesis)

♡ Achievement “Mutated Presents”.

♡ Decoration Items.


The annual Halloween event starts on October 31st and ends on November 3rd server save.

Only on the first day of the event we can find The Halloween Hare. It is an immortal and harmless creature that will change your appearance if you get near it. It will transform you into one of the following creatures: Ghost, Mummy, Pumpkinhead, Skeleton, Vampire, Witch.


After the server save that starts this event, our Server Log will show the following message:“Oh noes! It’s a mutated pumpkin!”.

The boss The Mutated Pumpkin will immediately appear on your server, somewhere random in western Darashia. It will spawn every 4 hours.

Possible locations of The Mutated Pumpkin:

We recommend a large number of players to face this boss, since it has a lot of HP.

The Mutated Pumpkin

HP: 500000

Experience: 30000

Neutral to: Physical (100%)

Earth (100%)

Fire (100%)

Death (100%)

Energy (100%)

Holy (100%)

Ice (100%)

When The Mutated Pumpkin dies, the next message will appear in your Server Log: “The Mutated Pumpkin has fallen! Its death opened a gate east of Darashia for 30 minutes that is open to its killers.”

Depending on your level of participation in the fight against The Mutated Pumpkin you will be able to obtain:

♡ Candies

♡ Candy Canes

♡ Yummy Gummy Worms

♡ Pumpkins

♡ Spiderwebs (rare)

♡ Skeleton Decoration (rare)

♡ Toy Spider (rare)

♡ Bat Decoration (rare)

We will head to the east of Darashia for a second reward. We will look for a door in the following location:

Only those who have participated in killing the boss will be able to enter the room. There, by using an Obsidian Knife on The Mutated Pumpkin’s dead body, you will receive the “Mutated Presents” Achievement and get your second reward:

♡ Spiderwebs

♡ Pumpkin

♡ Candy Canes

♡ Candies

♡ Surprise Bag (Red)

♡ Bat Decoration

♡ Bar of chocolate

♡ Skeleton Decoration

♡ Pumpkinhead

♡ Yummy Gummy Worms

♡ Toy Spider

♡ Surprise Bag (Blue)

After 30 minutes, the reward gate will close and your Server Log will show the following message: “The gate to the Mutated Pumpkin’s resting place has closed… for now. The pumpkin is regaining strength.”

You will have to wait 4 hours for it to appear on your server again. Enjoy your rewards!

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