Flower Month


♡ Premium Account (to be able to trade with NPC Rosemarie).

♡ Level 8.

♡ Enough supplies to face invasions of Dryads.


Watering can (to water the plants).


♡ Flower Pots (random).

♡ Achievement “Preservationist”, when using an Ice Flower Seed on a Flower Pot.

♡ Achievement “Green Thumb”, water 100 Flower Pots in its last stage of growth.


June is the month of flowers! From the server save on June 1st until the end of the month, the NPC Rosemarie will appear in Tibia. You can exchange some seeds with her, for pots that we must take care of to obtain beautiful decorative flowers.

To find her, we will go to the city of Port Hope. Rosemarie is located south of the ship, in the following location:

For 5 seeds, she will give you 1 pot.

For this, we will say: HI – SEED – YES.

She will give us a pot, on this pot a random kind of flower will grow.

Make sure that when you visit Rosemarie, you have the necessary amount of seeds to be able to obtain as many pots as you want. You can get seeds from:

♡ Invasions of Dryads, which will take place throughout the month in the cities of Ab’dendriel, Edron, Port Hope and Carlin (as we will see later);

♡ Other creatures that drop them: Blightwalker, Carniphila, Deathbine, Dworc Venomsniper, Efreet, Fahim The Wise, Jagged Earth Elemental, Marid, Marsh Stalker, Spit Nettle, Terror Bird, Tiquanda Revenge;

♡ Market.


We need to water the Flower Pots we got from Rosemarie, as many times as necessary to prevent them from dying. Leave the plant somewhere in the open, or a house or guildhall as if you keep it in your depot or backpack it won’t grow!

How to take care of them:

♡ We must water our pot with a Watering Can, once every 20 hours.

Note: *We can buy a Watering Can on the market, or for a value of 50 gps from any of the NPC Talila/Valindara (Feyrist), Maro (Rathleton) or Nelliem (Venore).

♡ If you try to water them before that time, you will see the message in orange letters: “Your plant doesn’t need water.”

♡ Be careful not to overwater it as it may wilt!

♡ If you have ever forgotten to water your plant, it will wither and you can water it again when you remember, but it will be a stage behind if it has already grown. You will see the next message: “You finally remembered to water your plant and it recovered. “

♡ If it does not receive water for a few days, the plant will die and the pot will become an Empty Flower Pot (it will remain empty).


By watering our pot, our flower will grow in stages. This will not mean that it will grow every time we water it.

In the first stages we will not be able to recognize what type of plant will grow.

From the third stage, we will already be able to recognize what species of plant is growing in our pot.

When our pot reaches the fourth stage, it will already be fully grown and in its final form.


The flower that will grow in our pot will be random and can be any of the following:

Lizard Tongue

Ember Queen Flower

Dryad’s Heart

Midnight Bloom Flower

Fairy Dancer Flower

Finger Snapper Plant


Once our pot has reached its final stage of growth, we can stop watering it only if we freeze it. Otherwise, we will have to water it for life.

To freeze it, we will use an Ice Flower Seed on our fully grown plant.

Note: *You can buy Ice Flower Seeds in the market of your server, or obtain them through the Thawing Mini World Change (at the end of this guide you will see how it works).


In case a plant accidentally dies, our Flower Pots will become Empty Flower Pots (empty pots will remain). These will have another use: with them we will create the species of flower called Winterblossom.

This species, unlike the previous ones, will only be obtainable by planting an Ice Flower Seed .in an Empty Flower Pot.

Then we will water it normally so that it does not die and when it reaches its final stage of growth, it will not need to be watered.

Note: *You can buy Empty Flower Pot from NPC Nelliem (Venore), worth 250 gps.


During the month of flowers, invasions of creatures called Dryads will take place in Tibia. We will kill them to obtain Seeds.

These invasions can occur in the cities:

♡ EDRON. We will see the following message: “Dryads have returned to protect the forest north of Edron.”

♡ CARLIN. We will see the following message: “Dryads have returned to protect the northern forests.”

♡ PORT HOPE. We will see the following message: “Dryads have returned to protect the jungle of Tiquanda.”

♡ AB’DENDRIEL. We will see the following message: “Dryads have returned to protect the northern forests near Ab’dendriel.”


♡ Flower Pots for decoration.

♡ Achievement “Preservationist”, when using an Ice Flower Seed on a Flower Pot in its final stage of growth.

♡ Achievement “Green Thumb”, by watering 100 Flower Pots in their last stage of growth.

Enjoy your rewards!


♡ BESTIARY: We recommend this month to complete the Dryads Bestiary. Only 5 kills are required to complete it. We will get 50 Charm Points very easily. Remember to equip your dwarven ring when you go to face them!

♡ THAWING MINI WORLD CHANGE: It is used to obtain Ice Flower Seeds, which will be used to freeze our Flower Pots and avoid having to continue watering them for life.

We will head towards the Adventurers’ Guild from the temple of any city. Once there, we will look for the Mini World Changes board.

If this Mini World Change is active, the following message will be displayed:: “Judging by the unnerved mammoths in Svargrond, enough snow has melted away to reveal some very special flora”.

When it is active, we will travel to the city of Svargrond in search of special flowers called Ice Flowers.

These will grow northwest of the city, in the following locations:

The places where Ice Flowers grow are circled. We will find them on floor +2 northwest of Svargrond, near the carpet and on the way to the island of Chyllfroest.

When we find the grown flowers we will only use them and, occasionally, they will give us Ice Flower Seeds. There is a 20% chance of obtaining them. The flowers will take 4 hours to grow again.

By getting 10 Ice Flower Seeds in this way, we will get the Achievement “Ice Harvester”.

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