Winterlight Solstice



♡ Premium Account and Level 30+ (recommended).

♡ Enough supplies to face the boss The Percht Queen and the creatures that appear on the island, Baleful Bunnys, Bonny Bunnys, Animated Snowman, Perchts and Schiachs.


♡ Rapid Respawn Rate (2x). The Respawn time of all Tibia creatures will be increased at the end of the event.

♡ Regeneration of life and mana, at the end of the event.

♡ Chance to face the Boss The Percht Queen (Bosstiary Category: Nemesis).

♡ Possibility of obtaining up to 100 points of Charms (By completing the bestiary of the creatures on the island).

♡ Outfit Percht Raider and addons.

♡ Percht Sleigh mounts (There are a total of 9, but we can only obtain up to 3 per year).

♡ Achievements (“No Horse Open Sleigh”, by obtaining one of the event mounts; “Raider in the Dark”, by obtaining the complete Percht Raider outfit and its addons).

General Notes:

This annual event begins on December 22 and ends on January 10. During this event, a small boat will appear in the city of Svargrond that will give us access to the Percht Island.


To start, head to the following location in the city of Svargrond:

There, we will find a small boat. We will give “use” on the sail.

It will take us to the Percht Island. Here we will face different creatures throughout the entire island, make sure you have enough supplies in your backpack and continue reading this guide until the end!

Once on the island, your mission will be to collect certain items to be able to disguise yourself and thus face the boss The Percht Queen to obtain your reward. These are the items you need:

Percht Horns: they are obtained by killing Perchts and Schiachs.

Broken Bell: just like Percht Horns, we will loot it from Perchts and Schiachs.

Twig Arms: They are occasionally dropped from Animated Snowman (creature).


  1. Walking on the island we will see some barrels. When using them, a Soft Hammer will be kept in our backpack.

What we have to do with the hammer is hit a Bonny Bunny until he faints. Once we achieve it, we will “use” it to his body and will leave us a Frozen Carrot on the floor, as shown in the image:

Note: *We recommend collecting more than 1 Frozen Carrot for reasons that will be explained later. The rabbits will appear every 10 minutes and only during the day. They will only respawn for 10 minutes.

2. Now we will need some Snowballs. We will obtain them by using the holes that we will find on the floor of the island (called “Snow Heaps”).

We will need to use a Snowball on another Snowball to get a Large Ball.

We will use our Frozen Carrot on the Large Ball to create an Animated Snowman (we can make an Animated Snowman appear every 5 minutes).

Killing him will occasionally give us the Twig Arms we need.


By having the 3 required items in our backpack, (Broken Bell, Twig Arms and Percht Horns), we can now go to the cave where The Percht Queen is located to face her.

This boss can be killed every 20 hours and you will need a team of up to 5 players.

Follow the path below to find his teleport:

IMPORTANT: Before entering, you must disguise yourself as a creature from the island. This must be done every time you want to enter the teleport of The Percht Queen.

With the 3 required items in our backpack, we will disguise ourselves using one item on another (it can be any in any order).

Inside the boss room, nothing will hurt us, so we can even go to Level 8.

We recommend using only weapons or fire runes to attack the Percht Queen.


The objective of this battle is to avoid being frozen by the Percht Queen until we finish the mechanic: we will make some fire creatures (called “Warm fire”) appear and we will bring them closer to the Percht Queen until she is thawed (she is immobile north of room).

Note: *It is very important that every time we get close to the Queen, we are ON FIRE, since otherwise, we will be expelled from the bossroom without being able to continue the battle.

It is also very important to run to the stairs and get closer to the bonfire, since at any moment of the procedure we are in danger of freezing. (We will noticed it by messages that will appear on our screen: “YOU’RE COLD”, “FREEZING!”).

How will we make the Warm Fires appear?

While entering the bossroom, we will see a bonfire.

We must click on it to make a torch appear.

We will keep it in our backpack and we will step on a green vortex to the north. It will turn us into a creature similar to the Leaf Golem, as the image shows:

When we become a Leaf Golem, we must go down the stairs and run to the right of the room, where there will be a space with a grass floor. We will step on it to make some branches appear as shown in the image:

We will click on the large branches to make small branches appear that we must keep in the backpack (we must click 5 times on the large branch and 5 small branches will appear).

We will keep them in our backpack and we will use them in the southern fire (if it is not lit, we must first use our torch and then the branches to keep it lit).

Repeat this procedure until (after adding 20 small branches to the fire), the Warm Fire appears.

It is very important to bring the Warm Fire closer to the queen, YOU MUST BE ON FIRE. We will achieve this first by clicking on the fire and there we will take the Warm Fire towards the Percht Queen to gradually defrost it.

* As we mentioned before, if we are not set on fire when approaching the queen at any time, our continuity in the bossroom will be in danger, since we can be expelled from the room and we will not be able to kill her.

We will repeat the process until the Percht Queen is completely defrosted An ice cap from the Queen will melt for every Warm Fire we get close to her. 4 Warm Fires are needed to melt it completely and be able to attack it.

Once its defrozed, we will attack it with FIRE DAMAGE.


Percht minions: they can kill the Warm Fires so we must avoid them. A good way to do this is to summon one or two creatures that don’t tread fire (for example, rats) and enclose them with fire walls runes. By doing so we will go up the ladder and the minions will target them by moving out of our way and we will be able to carry out the mechanics more easily.

Ice crystals: They are produced by immobile ice creatures that appear on the ground. We should try to avoid them as they can prevent us from performing mechanics (for example, removing our Leaf Golem appearance, when we run onto the grass floor to remove the branches).

THE PERCHT QUEEN LOOT: The boss is quite profitable since we hardly have to spend supplies to kill him. In addition to gold coins and platinum coins, we can loot not only potions, charms or rings, but also the event mount, and decoration items.

♡ Percht Skull

♡ Flames of the Percht Queen

♡ The Crown of the Percht Queen (fire)

♡ The Crown of the Percht Queen (ice)

♡ Percht Queen’s Frozen Heart

♡ Small Ladybug

♡ Percht Broom

♡ Lucky Pig

♡ Icicle (Percht)

♡ Horseshoe

♡ Golden Horseshoe

♡ Frozen Chain

♡ Golden Bell

♡ Fly Agaric

♡ Ice hatchet

♡ Percht Handkerchief

♡ Golden Cotton Reel

♡ Frozen Claw


By killing The Percht Queen, we will automatically receive:

♡ The Base Outfit, the first time we do this World Quest.


♡ Addon 1, by participating in the event the following year.

♡ Addon 2, by participating on the event the following year.

Note: *We must participate in the event for 3 years to obtain the Outfit Hanger Raider Full.

Upon receiving the complete outfit, we will obtain the Achievement “Raider in the Dark” (6 Points).


There are a total of 9 mounts and we can obtain up to 3 mounts per year. We will look for the NPC Frosty. It is found on a mountain in the northeast of the island, up some stairs.

With our Percht Skull in the backpack, we will say: HI – SKULL and it will give us a choice between the 9 mounts of the event. By selecting one, the item will be removed from us and we will receive the mount:

Bright Percht Sleigh

Cold Percht Sleigh

Dark Percht Sleigh

Bright Percht Sleigh Variant

Cold Percht Sleigh Variant

Dark Percht Sleigh Variant

Finished Bright Percht Sleigh

Finished Cold Percht Sleigh

Finished Dark Percht Sleigh

When receiving any of the Percht Sleigh mounts for the first time, we will receive the Achievement “No Horse Open Sleigh” (3 Points).

Enjoy your rewards!


♡ BOSSTIARY: The Percht Queen is a Nemesis Category boss. Only 5 kills are required to complete it. Take the opportunity to do it!

♡ BESTIARY. Only in this annual event can we find the following creatures on the Percht Island to complete our bestiary.


Number of kills needed

Charm points







Animated Snowman



Baleful Bunny



*Note: Taking into account that an Animated Snowman can be created every 5 minutes, it is advisable to organize with other people to finish the bestiary faster, using runes firebombs (or similar).

Another interesting fact is that in this event the Baleful Bunny will appear during the night. These creatures rarely drop Yetislippers, a highly popular item for its value and appearance.

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