Tibia Anniversary



♡ Account Free and Level 0.


♡ +15% Bonus Experience, while Pinata Dragons spawn on Thais.

♡ Chance to obtain unique items.

General Notes:

Let’s celebrate Tibia’s birthday! This annual event begins on January 7 and ends on the 10th of the same month. Durante este tiempo podremos formar parte de las festividades que se llevan a cabo en Tibia.


During this event, some creatures like Cyclops, Wolves, Trolls and Bears will drop some green cloths (with the appearance of Green Piece of Cloth, called Old Rags).

Once we get them, we will head to the city of Thais and walk southwest. In the wizard training house, we will find a Sewing Table:

We will be using our Old Rags on the Sewing Table to assist in the production of Pinata Dragons.

When 30 Old Rags have been used on the table, Pinata Dragons will spawn all over Thais for 1 hour. During this time the +15% experience bonus for all Tibia creatures will also be activated on your server.

We can find a large number of Pinata Dragons on the outskirts of Thais, which drop festive items, decoration such as the Ferumbras Puppet or equipment, such as the Festive Backpack.


To visit these islands that we will only have access to during the Tibia Anniversary, we will look for the NPC Kendra. For this we will go to the southwest of Thais, in the following location:

This will take us on his ship to Vigintia. There we can participate in mini-games to get unique and valuable items.

From Vigintia we will walk east to reach the island of Nostalgia. There we will be able to appreciate items and creatures wearing old appearances (from the oldest Updates), even fighting against them in an arena.

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