Annual Autumn Vintage

The first batch of winter berries is finally ripe. Now is the time to produce the berry juice during our Annual Autumn Vintage, Which takes place from October 1st to 8th and again from October 17 to 24 Just make sure to take off your shoes and wash your feet before you start walking over them!

Annual Autumn Vintage


♡ Free account or premium, level 8

♡ Bucket

♡ 10 Bunches of Winterberries per day.

♡ 10 players (Minimum).

♡ Boost your speed, you can use any of these: Boots of Hate, mounts, Time rings, Grasshopper legs, etc.


General Rewards:

All healing potions (Health/Mana) effect will be enhanced by 33% for 7 days. (you can get rewards again after 7 days if you complete the second part).

Individual Reward:

After contributing in the event over 3 years (at least one Bunch of Winterberries for one of the events each year) you will receive the achievement “Berry Picker”.

General notes:

This event takes place in Tibia twice a year : on October 1st to 8th and same month from 17 to 24. After the server save, in our server log will appear the next message: “The Annual Autumn Vintage has begun! Grab those winterberries and find your nearest berry stomping assistant!”.


To start you’ll need the “Bunch of Winterberries”, you can obtain these drop by the next creatures:

♡Lizard Legionnaire

♡Mutated Bat


♡Polar Bear

♡Quara Constrictor

♡Quara Mantassin



♡Terror Bird

♡Thornback Tortoise


♡Winter Wolf




♡Dragon Lord


♡Frost Dragon

♡Frost Troll

♡Ice Witch

♡Island Troll

♡Killer Caiman

♡Lancer Beetle

♡Lizard High Guard

After obtained 10 Bunches of Winterberries, you’ll have to go to north of Thais city with the NPC Emilie and say : “Hi – Mission – Yes – Yes”. After saying this you’ll get teleported to a Winterberry Cellar.

The Annual Autumn Vintage event has different stages:

♡ First Stage

After being teleported by Emilie to the cellar, you’ll have to go to the north of this room and use the bunch of winterberries by clicking them and then clicking on the mould, a limit of 10 per person every 24 hrs. After 100 bunches of winterberries were used on the mould, the server will go to the next stage.

♡ Second Stage

Now is the time to walk over the winterberries that are located in the center of the room, this is were you need to boost your speed using mounts, time rings etc.

You are not going to be able to add more winterberries if the event its on the second stage, you could only help by walking over them and you will have to wait for the third stage to be over to be able to use more winterberries.

We recommend to walk over the same site, to be able to squeeze them enough and we also recommend to do it at least 5 players.

♡ Third Stage

The previous stage can be interrupted, it might need water, sugar or by the Berrypest.

If it needs water, walk to the west of this room and fill a bucket with the fountain and then use the bucket on the winterberries.

If you need to add more sugar walk to the west and use the sugar and then click on the winterberries.

And last, in case the Berrypest appears, the only thing you have to do is kill them as fast as you can.

By killing 5 of this creature, you’ll get 5 charm points.

After finishing and leave the room, go to the NPC and say: “Hi – Thais – Yes” and you’ll be teleported back to Thais.

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