The Lightbearer

The nights are getting darker! It’s up to you and Aylies help to light up the sky against the evil forces that want to invade our world. Gather all your friends and show the darkness what you are made of!



♡ Premium account. Free accounts will also be able to participate by turning on the basins that are in the free zone.

♡ Level 20+ is recommended since you will have to face several types of creatures: Acolyte of Darkness, Bane of Light, Bride of Night, Doomsday Cultist, Duskbringer, Herald of Gloom, Midnight Spawn, Midnight Warrior, Nightslayer, Shadow Hound, among others.

♡ Enough supplies to face those creatures.

♡ Key 3802 (to access Dwacatra prison). It can be obtained at (Emperor’s Cookie Quest).

♡ Key 3012 to access Hellgate (can be purchased from NPC Elathriel for 5000 gps).

♡ Access to the following areas (if you want to light 10 basins):

  • Ramoa (Obtained by doing The Shattered Isles Quest).
  • Forbidden Lands (Obtained by asking for Ape City Quest Mission 8).
  • Yalahar – Magician Quarter (When starting the quest In Service of Yalahar).

If you don’t have these accesses you can participate only by lighting 7 of the 10 basins!


General reward: If the event ends successfully, your server will be rewarded until November 30th with a 10%+ Party Experience Bonus.

Individual rewards:

  • All players who participate in the event, lighting at least one basin, will receive: Silver Fafnar Trophy, 20 Midnight Shards, Brocade Backpack containing Death Ring, Ring of Healing, Time Ring, 50 Christmas Tokens, Stealth Ring, Giant Shimmering Pearl, 30 small topaz, 2 gold ingots.
  • Players who lit ten basins will also get: Moon Backpack (just the first time participating ), Golden Fafnar Trophy, 10 Midnight Shards, Crown Backpack containing Might Ring, 2 Rings of Healing, 50 Demonic Essences, 4 gold ingots, violet gem, 40 small diamonds. They will also receive the Deed of Ownership (item that in the Christmas Event you can exchange with Santa, for the Blazebringer mount).


General notes:

This annual event starts on November 11 and ends on the 15th of the same month.

During this time, 10 Basins will appear in different places in Tibia. The objective of this event is to keep the 10 basins turned on without interruption, for four days (96 hours).

*Each player can light each basin only once per year. When turned on, it will last 120 minutes (2 hours). Before this time expires, another player must turn it on again to prevent it from going out.

It is very important that the server works as a team and is organized to keep all the basins on during the time of the event.


After the Server Save, the following message will appear in your Server Log: “The Lightbearer World Event has started! Find Lucius in Yalahar and help to fight against the darkness.”

To start, we will go to the following location, in the Magician Quarter of Yalahar, in search of the NPC Lucius:

We will say: HI – EVENT – YES.

It will transport us to the Temple of Light. Once there, we will go up the stairs to find him and we will speak to him again: HI – MISSION – YES.

We will receive a Magical Torch that we will use to light the basins that we will find throughout the entire Tibia map.


Description: Light all important locations given to you by Lucius before one of the basins stops burning.

Skill Boost: Speed +25

Weight: 18.00 oz

Body Position: Extra slot

*Note: Free account players will have the option to buy or borrow a Magical Torch to light the basins that are in the free zone.


With the Magical Torch, we will light the basins. By doing so, a wave of creatures can appear immediately or within 5 minutes next to each basin. Be careful and bring enough supplies to face them!

The basins are located in the following places:

  • Plains of Havoc – Venore

We will depart from Venore and head south of the Plains of Havoc to find the basin:

  • Dwacatra Prison – Kazordoon

To go to the Dwacatra prison, from the Kazordoon Depot we will take the fourth car as the image shows:

There, we will look for a staircase that goes down to the east. We will go down 5 floors and find the prison doors. If they are closed we will use our Key 3802.

Once all the doors are open, we will walk north and find the basin:

  • Hellgate – Ab’Dendriel

Remember to bring your Key 3012 in case the door is closed. We can buy it from the NPC Elathriel for 5000 gps. We will find the basin in the following location:

  • Hero Cave – Edron

To find this basin, we will go north of Edron to the following place:

We will go down several floors until we reach the following location:

  • Drefia – Darashia

We will go to the Star Room in Drefia to find the basin:

  • Tarpit Tomb – Ankrahmun

We will look for this tomb north of the east exit of Ankrahmun. By doing so, we will go down several floors until we reach the basin:

  • Magician Quarter – Yalahar

For this basin we must go to the hellspawns of the Magician Quarter. We will go down in the well that shows the following image:

We will walk north and find the basin:

  • Ramoa – Liberty Bay

To find this basin we must go to the island of Ramoa. There we will walk southwest to find it:

  • Forbidden Lands – Port Hope

In Port Hope we will look for the NPC The Blind Prophet. We will say HI – TRANSPORT and it will transport us to Forbidden Lands. There, we will look for the basin in the following location:

  • Formorgar Glacier – Svargrond


“I Did My Part”, by using the Statue of Fafnar found in the reward room, if this is your first time participating in a World Quest.

“Keeper of the Flame”, when turning on a basin, for the first time.

“True Lightbearer”, when turning on all the basins, for the first time.


GOOD SIDE: If your server has kept all 10 basins burning during the 4 days of the event, the following message will appear in our Server Log: “Your world managed to keep all ten lightbearer basins burning! Enjoy increased shared experience until Nov 30th.”

Congratulations, you can now claim your rewards! Additionally, Spirits of Lights creatures will appear in all cities.

BAD SIDE: If your server has failed the event, the following message will appear in our Server Log: “One of the ten lights went dark and disappeared! All hope is lost now. Flee into your houses and hope to survive this day.”.

13 hours later the Essences of Darkness creatures will invade the cities. The following message will appear in your Server Log: “Strong demonic creatures have passed the border to our world and invade the Temple of Light! Run, as long as you still can – or fight them, if you dare!”.


If the event was successful on your server, we will be able to get the individual rewards until the end of the month.

The reward room is located in Kazordoon, in the following location:

We will use the car that is far to the south.

Remember to “use” the Statue of Fafnar that is in the center to receive our statue.

Enjoy your rewards!


MIDNIGHT SHARDS: If your server is successful in the event, you will be able to exchange Midnight Shards for Experience (otherwise you will have to wait until next year).

We will go to the NPC Lucius to do it. Each midnight shard gives an experience that is equal to your level, multiplied by 300. Level 200+ players will receive the same amount of experience.

Each player can turn in up to 40 Night Shards per year.


Each creature in the event will give us 50 points when completing its Bestiary (5 kills).

Premium players who do all the Bestiary of the event creatures will get a total of 460 points.

Premium players who do not have access to Forbidden Lands, Yalahar and Ramoa will be able to obtain a total of 360 points.

Free players will be able to get up to 180 Bestiary points.

BLAZEBRINGER MOUNT: If you have participated in this event by lighting all the basins, remember that during the Christmas Event you will be able to ask for your Blazebringer Mount NPC Santa Claus.

Upon obtaining it, you will receive the “Luminous Kitty” Achievement.

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