Magical Friendship

This is the perfect time for the fairies and the unicorns to unite!

TibiaGoals y TibiaTales are inviting you to a new magic contest : Magical Friendship.

The task in this contest is to create a FanFic, in this FanFic you will have to create a story about how Aylie and Luna became friends, inspiring on both fansites Lore.

Rules to create the FanFic.
  • The FanFic must be 3000 characters long.
  • The FanFic must have at least 4 images (explaining/giving meaning to the story).
  • The images can be : Screenshots of Tibia with edits ( Coloring outfits/items, remove or add items etc). Also drawings or digital drawings (All kinds of Fanart).
  • The images must be without any type of letters since the TibiaTales team will be in charge of adding the name of the history and the frame in order to maintain the aesthetics of the Fansite and the same typography.
  • It must not contain NSFW content (Not safe/suitable for work, which literally means that it is not safe/appropriate for work)
  • The cover must be a minimum of 800×600.
  • For a better understanding and to be able to translate the text, you must not use any slang and maintain good spelling.
  • The FanFic must only be set in Tibia, it can be inspired by other types of games, movies, stories, etc. but when adding it to your story it must be set in Tibia.
General rules:
  • An contestant can submit as many stories as they like, but only 1 can win.
  • The staff of both fansites are not allowed to participate.
  • The contest starts on January 09 and ends on February 09 server save
  • By submitting your FanFic your content may be used for the TibianFic section as content for TibiaTales.
What will we take into account?
  • Both the drawings and the story are important, so the relationship between the two will be a big factor.
  • The creativity in the images and in the story.
  • The relationship between Aylie and Luna’s Lore in the Fanfic.
Each member of the staff of both fansite will be able to choose 5 entries, giving 5 points to the first and 1 point to the fifth.


The first winner will be able to choose between any of the 3 prizes, the second player will be able to choose between the remaining 2 prizes and the last winner will receive the remaining prize.

First place

Yellow Rose

Golden Rune Emblem (choice)

Golden Trophy of Excellence

Second place

Blue Sphere

Golden Rune Emblem (choice)

Silver Trophy of Excellence

Third place

Vampire Doll

Golden Rune Emblem (choice)

Bronze Trophy of Excellence

Aylie’s Lore is divided into 4 chapters:

Origin Chapter I

The great secret Chapter II

The awakening of the fairies Chapter III

The end of the war Chapter IV

Luna’s Lore:

The origin of Luna

You can join our Discord channel (Here) and locate the Q&A channel called “Magical Friendship Contest”.

Good luck to everyone!

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