Bella Bonecrusher’s Doll

A little of history with Milie: Chapter XIV

In this new episode of a little of history with Milie and the first of this new year, we have This is a fan site focused on storing screenshots of all your adventures in Tibia, as well as being a support platform for contests from other fan sites. Er ii(Admin) will tell us some details about her website and fansite item.

History of Bella Bonecrusher’s Doll

Currently most Fansites are created by the hobbies of administrators inside or outside of Tibia. What led you to create a fansite that serves as a Tibia screenshot storage?

I have always liked certain spots on Tibia, and I had thousands of captures saved on CD (as was done before) and every time I level up or simply for a picture with my friends, before was illegal to put links to external pages, flogao, IG ,FB etc, and I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where everyone can upload their memories and that it is something supported by CipSoft.

What was the reason that you decided to implement an Amazon-inspired doll for Tibia?

Within the Tibiagallery Staff we had certain ideas, and it had to be something that was related to Tibia and its history, and several books were read about how certain Amazons were promoted in rank to Valkyria in exchange for tributes, and we thought it was a very good story.

Did you guys did a contest or a specific PixelArt artist?

A contest was held asking for specifications, whether it was something to do with the Amazon set, Valkyria, and we had a not very precise idea of ​​a yeti doll.

Contest winners:

First Place

Lupus Aurelius

Second Place

Titan of Tsunami

Third Place

Amy Meow

Just as a curious fact, in this contest the sprite that would later become the TibiaTales fansite item was seen for the first time. It was also published by Makadamia, the sprite that would later become the TibiaFanArt fansite item.

What was the process of creating Bella Bonecrusher’s Doll like? Was the sprite kept as is or was it subjected to changes?

We selected the ones we thought were the best and a vote was taken within the staff, that’s how Bella Bonecrusher won, the only modification that was made were the transitions and those were requested by Cipsoft, so they could be implemented in the game.

Old version

Current version

Besides from taking an Amazon as inspiration, what other ideas did you have in mind to take as inspiration for creating a PixelArt for TibiaGallery?

I loved the idea of ​​a Yeti Doll, that had some animation of showing some bunny slippers 😍 or a backpack showing some rares.
What aspects did the artists or PixelArt artist have to take into the contest to have a chance to win?
First of all, that the entry to the contest meets the specifications requested by cipsoft, such as measurements, etc., and it was an open option, book, doll, a key, amulet, a medal, trophy, shield among others. Multiple entries from the same person would be accepted but only one entry could be a winner.

And with this we end this interesting interview, due to the number of sprites that were published during their contest and that some time later would become fansite items on other fansites. Remember that you can save all your memories captured in Tibia at

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