The Great Secret :Chapter II

Thais and Carlin, two totally different Kingdoms and a constant war for the abandoned lands. On one side there’s Thais ruled by King Tibianus and on the other side it’s Carlin, ruled by Queen Eloise.

Both Kingdoms were in war for some land, so they could obtain more territory and expand, but these lands could never be invaded by any King or Queen, since they were dark, mysterious and unpleasant to visit.

Tibianus and Eloise fought until exhaustion, reaching a truce, since the only similar thing these Kingdoms possessed was that they were just as powerful, and because of that they agreed a truce because everytime they damages were more for their Kingdoms, putting in danger of being invaded by others.

One night, one of the elves kidnapped by the malicious creatures that inhabited in these lands, managed to escape to the Kingdom of the King Tibianus, Thais, to deliver the old testament that was part of these mysterious lands which both Kingdoms were fighting, in said testament he spoke of an ancient Kingdom that was ruled by a family, in which the King and the Queen disappear in a boat trip to some islands, and the Kingdom was handed to the two daughters, Idalia and Reah.

The secret was that these lands were divided in two, due to the differences between these sisters, they agreed in separated their Kingdom and fund a each sister their own Kingdom, but Reah wasn’t happy with this, and she prepared and attack using black magic with the help of her people, that just followed her because they were feared not for loyalty, thus managing to the end of her sisters life, the Queen Idalia, and taking away her Kingdom.

The elf also mention that Reah before dying she wanted to keep causing terror on her Kingdom, she casted a spell that caused the ruins of these lands, causing disasters in other Kingdoms without leaving any track, to cause more wars and feed with the hatred.

Help was also asked to the King, to give freedom to the elves and fairies that were submitted by the creatures of Reah, but due to the hard war that he had with the Queen Eloise caused by Reah’s spell, his Kingdom was not in condition to fight another war and because of this he decided to send a messenger to keep Eloise informed, and propose a truce to fight the evil that Reah had caused.

After hearing about the creepy story, Eloise sent her army to fight these evil creatures created by Reah, and investigate more about the spell to try to break it.

Both armies gathered in Jakundaf, creating one of the most powerful armies in all time in the history of Tibia, managing to defeat the evil creatures that submitted the elves and recovering more than half of the Kingdom Feyrist.

But this wasn’t enough to end Reah’s spell, since her power was remaining in the depths of Roshamuul and to be able to reach it, they would have to face to the demon Prince most powerful of Roshamuul, Gaz’Haragoth, but this was impossible for the army, since the power of this demon was incredible and due to this, many lives were lost in this war, the army forfeit and went back to their Kingdoms, just saving one part of the fairies that now live on Edron, and also the elves that decided to stay with Eloise and Tibianus

It was one of the wars in which there were many losses, and in each Kingdom there’s a cemetery in honor to all of them.

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