Origin: Chapter I

Once upon a time, in an unknown Kingdom in which magic, colors and fairies abounded, this kingdom was ruled by King Jhusthyn and Queen Matylie. They were experts in magic and possessed many gifts. These Kings built a solid Kingdom, in the company of elves and fairies that lived there.

Many years passed by and Jhusthyn and Matylie, had 2 heiresses to the throne, Idalia and Reah, these girls also possessed magic like their parents, but only Idalia could communicate with the fairies.

Some time after that, Jhusthyn and Matylie, were traveling on boat to an island and during their trip the boat got lost, there was no track of the kings, leaving their daughters orphans. The news arrived at the palace and everything changed, they isolated the princesses to prepare them for their future, they closed the palace doors, they cut some servitude and for this reason all the moments that Idalia and Reah lived together in their childhood, remained in memories.

Some years later, due to the coronation of both princesses, they met for the first time after many years and because they were isolated, they didn’t have any feelings for each other, they felt like they were complete strangers.

After being crowned, both took the control of their Kingdom, but Reah wasn’t happy with this, she wanted it to have absolute control, that’s why she started growing resentful towards her sister Idalia.

At the end, both decided to create their own Kingdoms in different places but in the same lands, and they both agreed that both Kingdoms will be independent and without any relationship between them. On one side there was Idalia on the north part of the Kingdom, she founded Feyrist with the help of fairies and elves, on the south part Reah founded Roshamuul, but no one followed her and because of that she decided to create her own creatures.

Some years past by and Idalia dies mysteriously, she was attacked by a dark and mysterious entity, leaving the kingdom of Feyrist without a Queen, to Reah this meant that she could have absolute power, to which she didn’t hesitate and sent her macabre creatures to invade Feyrist. This led to a series of abuses committed by Reah, the elves were kidnapped and submitted, and the fairies were locked in the depths of Feyrist.

Many creatures were able to find refuge in Idalias castle, since this was a protection zone created by her. After dying, Idalia turned herself into an entity that lives in the remains of Feyrist, and some of the fairies that manage to survive.

Some years later, Reah died from natural causes. But as her sister, she also turned herself into an entity, but in this case it was a dark entity that hunted anyone who dared to enter in her territory, feeding on the hatred of the wars of other Kingdoms fighting to invade Roshamuul. Feyrist and Roshamuul were forgotten, as they were dead lands with a dark past.

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