The End of the War: Chapter IV

The fairies that were forgotten in the depths of Feyrist by the creatures of Reah, gathered their powers to send a signal to Aylie, so they could be rescued.

The fairies did all their effort until exhaustion to be rescued, when the evil creatures discovered this, they locked up the cells in the depths, so they could avoid their contact between them, but it was too late, Aylie was already in the Kingdom to save them.

When Aylie arrived in the Kingdom, she prepared her entire army to defeat the creatures of Reah, but it was impossible due to the creatures that remained in the depths kept being strong.

To weaken the creatures of Reah, they must face the Prince demon, Gaz’Haragoth and defeat him, but not even the biggest army of the old Kingdoms of Thais and Carlin could against him, so they decided to think in a strategy.

The strategy of Aylie was to use her elementalist powers in favor and her druid powers to heal the knights that will battle the Prince demon face to face, so they could weaken it and attack with the army of mages and paladins to end with him.

Aylie met a powerful knight, and together they defeated the Prince demon, weakening the creatures of Reah that were living in the depths of Feyrist.

The Prince demon, after being defeated, will let Aylie go to the surface and save all the fairies that were being forgotten.

Feyrist went back to normal, but Roshamuul could never recover, and nowadays it’s known by the Ruins of Roshamuul, because of the big power that Reah possessed of these lands.

Currently Aylie is the Queen of Feyrist and surroundings, following Idalia’s legacy and fighting all the evil that threatens to enter her Kingdom.

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