The Awakening of the Fairies : Chapter III

After the war and all the chaos, the habitants of the Kingdom Feyrist managed to adapt and live in peace, also some fairies and elves decided to go back to Feyrist and get on with their lives. The spell of Reah was still alive and the macabre creatures were not that strong, also Feyrist was protected by the magic of the fairies and Idalias, so they could live in peace.

The Feyrist flora started to bloom more than normal, with beautiful colors and the magic of Feyrist started to notice more and more, but this was some weird for the habitants in this Kingdom, not even in their best times the flora reached to this point, but the fairies were loving it.

One day, not so normal, the trees and the flowers turned into a striking and vivid pink color, the wings of the fairies began to shine and this could only occur for one reason. Aylie was the reason.

But, who is Aylie?

Aylie was a fairy who possessed many wonderful gifts, with a unique and beautiful sparkle, with her pink color she eradicated charm. She was born in the antique Feyristopia, some rose petals fell on magic dust and with the help of a nymph, she was created.

All the fairies from all areas, gathered to be present for her magnificent creation. Aylie grew up, but her wings did not.

She was a unique fairy, because she couldn’t fly, her wings never grew, causing her a huge pain. She was feeling frustrated, since a fairy without wings was something totally illogical, that’s why she decided to abandon Feyristopia in search of new things.

When Aylie abandoned Feyristopia, she also abandoned her tiny and useless wings. In her search for new things, she met a sorcerer named Zoltan and decided to learn many things from him in the Kingdom Edron.

Zoltan turned Aylie into a sorceress, in the Academy of Magic in Edron, but this wasn’t enough for Aylie and she decided to go for more.

Aylie participated in many wars against evil creatures, and this gave her many experiences, with her skills on magic she achieved to win many of them, becoming the only elementalist due to her magic gifts that she obtained while she was a fairy of nature and gave her more power.

Her big cape was used to hide the loss of her wings, with this she has a big staff, this is what gives her more power.

Aylie one day decided to abandon her home in the Kingdom Edron and search for new adventures, but never heard from her again.

Until the day she decided to reappear in her old home in the Kingdom Feyrist, and she left all the fairies and elves speechless, because they thought that they would never see Aylie again since the day she left Feyristopia.

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