Gamemaster & Gamemaster Doll

The Gamemasters could be easily recognized because they had the letters “GM” at the beginning of their names.

Gamemasters, also known as Wizards, were players and their role was to supervise. There was quite a large and important group that served as volunteers to CipSoft, their duties were to investigate and punish rule violations in Tibia.

These CipSoft players and helpers were very famous in the Tibia community, as they had the letters “GM” at the beginning of their names, so it was easy to recognize them apart from their unique and cool outfit. But not all characters with the Gamemaster Outfit were Gamemasters, this can be confusing as the names used for these positions changed over the years, hence the confusion. Summary: Blue cape GMs were volunteer GMs, regular players who were promoted from mentoring/tutoring to GM. The red capes were CipSoft employees who logged in with special characters with additional powers, such as summoning creatures and creating items.

These helpers existed until August 23, 2010, in which CipSoft through its website mentioned that due to the growth and development of new tools in Tibia for compliance with the rules.

Why were the Gamemaster Dolls created?

The Gamemaster Doll was implemented on August 23, 2010 and presented to the Gamemasters on August 24 of that same year and as a token of appreciation from CipSoft and just to that other items of choice such as: Dark Trinity Mace, Solar Axe, The Epiphany, Great Shield, Ferumbras’ Hat, Rainbow Shield, Snake God’s Wristguard or Royal Crossbow.

The Gamemaster Doll remains one of the rarest items, as it is unobtainable and can only be traded from player to player.

If you want to know more about Gamemasters you can read the interview with an ex-gamemaster. Here.

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