A little bit if history with Milie: Special Chapter

In a new episode of a bit of history with Milie, we have our administrator, and she will tell us all about TibiaTales.com and our fansite item, Aylie.

Aylie’s story

Anita Malafama: Tell us a bit about how you started the idea of ​​creating a fan fiction fansite.

Well, in my free time I wrote FanFics on Wattpad a long time ago, so when I started playing Tibia again I wanted to unite these two hobbies, but I really didn’t know how and months later I discovered the fansites community, but managing and creating a website from scratch is quite complicated for me, so I started sharing my content to different fansites but the administrators didn’t seem to like it, it was until 2022 when I met Helvans, and I started to tell him all my ideas and apparently he loved them and that’s where we started working on the website.

You can read the TibiaTales story article to know the history of our fansite in more detail.

Anita Malafama: How did the idea of ​​Aylie as a fansite come about?

Aylie has been around since long before TibiaTales had its website, this sprite was made by Amy Meow for the TibiaGallery contest to choose their fansite item, but Amy came in 3rd place with her Elementalist Doll. I personally like the elementalist outfit and when I saw a doll with this outfit, I simply fell in love and I remember that when I saw it I said that if I ever had the opportunity to implement an item in the game, it would be that Elementalist Doll.

Anita Malafama: Why an elementalist? What is the relation with the fansite?

I have always noticed that the Elementalist outfit is very loved by women and I also noticed Illustrations and PixelArt of the Elementalist outfit, like the following:

PixelArt hecho por Makadamia.
PixelArt hecho por Divine'Angel.

So, my idea was to offer a fansite item to women who are lovers of the Elementalist outfit and also in pastel pink colors, since in Tibia there are not many objects that can represent that “girly” side of women and even men.

TibiaTales was created inspired by Aylie and Feyrist, so they are very related since at first they would only be FanFics about Aylie, but this was going to limit us a bit with the content, so we decided to have FanFics.

Anita Malafama: Did you have other sprite options in mind?

Actually yes, but everything revolved around Aylie since she was the main idea, in one of the many conversations with Amy Meow we decided that the fansite item would be one of her sprites from a book that was made for the CasalTibiano contest, since this would make a lot more sense than a doll, but we also wanted the elementalist doll, so we thought why not have a book that transforms into an elementalist? At first it seemed like a wonderful idea, then we thought about it and it didn’t make sense haha, so that’s where our fansite item “crisis” started because we wanted it to be perfect.

Anita Malafama: Why does the name “Aylie”? means something specific?

Actually, I asked her what the name of the sprite would be, since I didn’t like “Elementalist Doll”, so Amy Meow offered me a list of names and coincidentally after a while we realized that Aylie seems like a name made up of our names. Tibia “Amy and Milie”.

Anita Malafama: Since Aylie (previously known as Elementalist Doll) was created long before TibiaTales, did she have any changes? Tell us about the evolution.

As far as the process of creating the item itself, most of it would have to be told by its creator, ie Amy Meow. But I will tell it from my perspective.

The Elementalist Doll was created in the year 2021 and this was its first appearance:

She was a bit plain, but quite lovely it was with that sprite when I fell in love with her, but after talking to Amy Meow about bringing the item to the game in the year 2022, she took this look because we wanted her to be bigger, have a mouth and larger, marked eyes:

We were still a bit unsatisfied with the size, but we decided to leave it that way, but it wasn’t until early 2023 when Amy Meow surprised me with this new version of Aylie:

In addition to this new version of Aylie, she had also added a new stage and it was a fairy version, but this will be told by her very soon. Don’t miss it!

Anita Malafama: Any other thing you’d like to add about Aylie?

If you are not very familiar with Aylie you can read the article Meet Aylie written by Amy Meow.

You can also read her Lore written by me with the help of Mogh (Co-Admin of Tibia Secrets) and designed by Amy Meow, called FeyrisTales.

And with this we finish this lovely interview with our administrator to know all the details about Aylie before being implemented in the game, I hope you enjoyed it too and remember that you can send your FanFics about Aylie through our website at “TibianFic”.

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