The History of TibiaTales

History of

TibiaTales evoke from the hobby of writing FanFics in the year 2020. At first we had no ideas regarding the name and the following proposal came up: TibiaStory by Flor Belina (Staff) and this was the name we kept until 2021 when Flor Belina suggested us to change the name to TibiaTales and it was just perfect because it fit the theme of the fansite perfectly, and due to the lack of knowledge at that moment we did not have a website, this was the reason the project was stopped.

On June 12, 2022, almost 1 year later, we were achieving our first goal, which was: To have a website. And this was possible with the help of Helvans.

The project was kept hidden for a while, while we structured all our ideas on the website, although many of our main ideas were not implemented on the website, we decided to give way to new ideas such as “A little bit of history with Milie” These are interviews for the community who loves fansite items so they can learn more about their details and their history. On the other hand, there is also the section “TibianFic” this name comes from “FanFics” and “Tibians” so we put them together and it was the perfect combination as it is a stories section (FanFics) created by Tibians, at first our fansite would only create FanFics, but seeing the great community of Tibians FanFics writers this section was implemented.

Our logo is inspired by a book that Amy Meow created for the CasalTibiano contest to choose their fansite item. Amy Meow she just made some modifications and adjusted it to the theme of our fansite.

TibiaTales is inspired on Feyrist, that is why the feminine vibe, vibrant and flowery colors, will always be present on our website.

In addition, Milny (admin) together with Amy Meow (Designer) are responsible for giving life to our main character named Aylie.

Illustration of Aylie created by Mishaartwork.

Many other fansites were very supportive when we announced our fansite, such as TibiaGoals, Tibiapedia, TibiaFanArt and TibiaGallery.

On December 22, 2022 a news ticker had been published, but this time to announce and welcome TibiaTales to the fansites program.

Coming more soon..

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