TibiaTales from the admin’s perspective

Nowadays FanFics are phenomen, that are very successful for the writers that make this as a hobby, and for the readers, it’s addictive. FanFics are currently very present in all communities, such as video games, movie fandoms, movies, books, etc. The Tibian Community is not the exception of having this internet phenomena, being led by fans that want to take the stories further than what it is.

And that’s why we have a new interview, this time with the admins that give life to Tibia Tales, to get to know more about them and to share with us their perspective about the creation of the fansite Tibia Tales, and trace its story from the beginning and what expectations they have for the future.

If you’d like to know more about this site and the content about FanFics, join us! They’ll tell you all about it! Leave your character “afk” for a couple of minutes and stay with us in this interview, this article WONT DISAPPOINT!


First of all we have the main admin, the main founder of Tibia Tales and content creator, the person behind the whole idea of Tibia Tales and she’s in charge of administering her staff. Besides being very active on social media, she’s also part of the fansite VivaTibia.com.

Introduce yourself!

Hello! My name is Milagros, I’m from Venezuela, currently I’m playing with my paladin on the server Talera. My Tibian friends and RL call me Milie.

What led you to create your own Fansite?

When I was a kid, I used to write a lot. I’ve written novels, tales, and many more things, among all those I have a story called “Before sleep”, that’s the most popular story I have between my friends and family, it’s over 100 pages. My creativity to write its totally good and I like it, so I decided to combine 2 of my hobbies :playing tibia and write, but beyond that I feel it’s something like taking Tibia to the next level, mostly because I use Tibia as a social network, I rarely hunt or do quests, so having a fansite it was something I was really wishing to create to transcend on Tibia and not just logging in, taking dailies and log out, and have knowledge of what’s happening on Tibia currently and have something to offer to the others players.

Which one was your main idea about the content of the Fansite?

My main idea for Tibia Tales were the FanFics, these were a part of my teen years and now one of my hobbies. I like to read and write a lot, so I decided to combine 2 of my hobbies (Tibia and writing stories) and that’s how Tibia Tales was born, which at first had Tibia History as its name. I also love to read about Tibia’s lore and I liked the idea of adding this to the website. Besides, FanFics are not that common in Tibia’s community and I can take that as an advantage for me, to create it.

Does the main idea have changed with time or you’ve kept it as it was?

Never changed, my main idea has always been FanFics, stories, lore etc. Obviously in the 2 years that I was searching for my ideas to materialize, some things changed, but it still maintains the essence that I always wanted to give it.

How has it gone from being just an idea to actually starting to create a Website for FanFics lovers about Tibia?

A dream come true, every night before going to bed I check that everything is correct on the website, and I’m so proud I worked 2 years to create this crazy dream and be an admin of my own fansite. The people that are holdings my hands right now to get this fansite to the top, make me feel very confident and I’m very happy for helping me created it.

How are you feeling since the creation of the Fansite? I’m talking about the feelings/emotions of being part of a fansite that has a lot to offer and it’s constantly growing.

Like I was telling you before, I’m very happy and proud because this was just a dream, even though sometimes making content for the fansite makes me crazy, but at the end of everything I do to give life to this fansite makes me feel so happy, proud and with a lot of love to this project. It’s also super hard to manage the staff’s content and stay on top of everything, this is so exhausting!

What can you say about choosing the name of the Fansite?

Previously, on my drafts I used to call it TibiaHistory, TibiaStory, everyday I changed it and choose a different name haha, until one day Flor Belina (member from our staff) she suggested to change the name to TibiaTales and since that day I’ve been in love with the name, because it fits perfectly with Tibia, so it matches, and it’s perfect!.

To finish, let’s talk about the future of TibiaTales. What are your future expectations about the Fansite? Do you think they can make it happen?

Of course! I fully trust my entire team and that we will achieve everything we have in mind. We haven’t shown the half of what we have planned for the fansite, and I’m very excited even more, because for me it’s a mystery what has its gonna turn in the future.


In second place we have Helvans, admin from different Fan Sites such as TibiaPedia, TibiaGallery and TibiaTales, besides he is in charge of managing the website.

Introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Gus and on Tibia I’m Helvans, I’m from Mexico and currently I live in Los Mochis.

What led you to create a Fansite?

There have been different reasons, Tibiapedia started it because I had just returned to Tibia and I was very outdated with all the new things that they had added to the game (I was retired for years), upon my return and to my surprise Tibiahispano no longer existed, a fansite that I used to consult to update myself and follow it’s guides, It hurt me to know that it no longer existed so I decided to create Tibiapedia and upload high quality content just like TibiaHispano did in its glory days, in this case my motivation was to create quality content for the community, focusing on newer players or retired.

With TibiaGallery it was very different, my friend Ewrr and I saw that it was very common for players to lose their Tibia screenshots on a daily basis, so we came up with the idea of ​​creating a website where they could share their photos in a safe cloud so they would never lose their captures, in this case my motivation was to solve a common problem.

What was the reason that led you to accept being part of Tibia Tales?

For many years I always wanted to make a website related to Tibia (when I was just learning), but I never did it because my knowledge was limited, but for a few years I started to create some sites about Tibia, all in order to contribute something to the community and do my bit as a thank you to all the great moments that tibia has given me, when Milny reached out to me to tell me about her idea, she simply convinced me, it was something that it wasn’t created on the community and saw a lot of potential. I’m always thinking about what it’s missing in the community and this time Milny came to me with the idea in her hands.

Besides being admin on Tibia Tales, you are also admin on Tibiapedia and Tibia Gallery. What’s that you like the most about a Fansite to be part of 3 at the same time?

I am very passionate about creating websites and developing projects, without a doubt this is the perfect excuse for me where I can combine my work and Tibia. Besides, the Tibian community is very small in comparison with other games that are more popular and being involved in this community gives me the opportunity of meeting nice people, it’s very satisfactory.

How are you feeling since the creation of the Fansite? I’m talking about the feelings/emotions of being part of a fansite that has a lot to offer and it’s constantly growing.

I’m very happy, it’s always nice seeing something you are creating is being used and appreciated by many people. We’ve received really good comments so far and we are going to keep developing and impulsing Tibia Tales, to bring you a quality fansite that the community deserves.

What do you think about the choice of name, colors and everything that Tibia Tales represents as a fansite?

The name is good, I liked it since the beginning, about the colors be honest it’s not my style of what I design, I’ve created dozens of websites, but this is the first that I use these colors, however, I’ve been adapted to the type of the project, and I feel very comfortable with it, it’s a very new theme for me (recently I learned what a FanFic is) but I believe that we can create the home of many wonderful stories about Tibia told by players.

Is Tibia Tales turning out to be what you thought it would be?

Yes, and this is being achieved thanks to my fellow staff members, they always had a common and clear vision of what TibiaTales would be, I only focused on what we wanted it to be and followed their vision, however, I’m aware that we are in the beginning of this journey and there’s still a long way to go.

To finish, let’s talk about the future of TibiaTales. What are your future expectations about the Fansite?

I’m excited because as we know as Tibiatales it’s just the first version of it (we just finished it a couple weeks ago), I’m sure as the project keeps growing we are going to receive some feedback from the community and we will use this to take TibiaTales to the next version, in where everything its improved. When we think about creating a fansite, we imagine how it’s going to be and all the things we want to add up, but when you are creating it you realize there’s always stuff you need to improve and for me that’s something that I really enjoy doing.

Amy Meow

And last, Amy Meow, admin, designer from TibiaMagazine, TibiaGallery and TibiaTales, she’s in charge of the visual material of the website and multimedia graphics. Besides being an active girl on her social media, sharing her art.

Introduce yourself!

Howdy! My name is Ale ♡, my character’s name is Ame Meow, currently I play on the server Talera, I’m from Mexico and I like to create art! ♡

What led you to create a Fansite?

I don’t consider such as creating a fansite, but I was very exciting that I was consider to this project, and what excited me the most was all the good ideas they had, and well, if I’m being part of it I’m going to give my everything as I always do with what I like to do ♡!

Tell us, what led you to be part of the creation of TibiaTales?

They really just told me about the project and at first I wasn’t so convinced to be part of it because I don’t consider myself to be good at creating stories, however, I always offered my support with visual things and when I heard more details and the approach that this would have, I loved it and fell completely in love with the project, besides from the fact that it is a fansite with very rare content like other fansites, so I consider it to be great idea.

Let’s talk about the design of Tibia Tales in general, what has been your inspiration?

Since the beginning there was an idea about having a main character, which is “Aylie”, so the design and the colors are inspired in her clothes, for the creation of the logo being a fansite with story content we thought it was a good idea to include a book on the logo, and I remembered that a few years ago I participated in a contest and my entry was a pink book that when it opened had sparkles and it was shiny, so this was my inspiration to create the logo, which fit perfectly for the site.

What can you say about the choice of the Fansite name?

It’s perfect for the type of content that you see on the fansite. It sounds so cool that I almost thought that it might not be available, haha!

How are you feeling since the creation of the Fansite? I’m talking about the feelings/emotions of being part of a fansite that has a lot to offer and it’s constantly growing.

I think it’s on the right track, there are still many things to implement, but I consider that everything is very well planned and that’s something that I love! especially because I’m a person who pays a lot of attention to visual things and Mily is a person who wants to have everything visual super well organized and that helps me not to miss any detail or have more observations, haha, also the stories are so good and the articles or guides that has been published are so cool, I’ve seen that the site its growing, many things has been implemented and I love that there is also a person in charge to translate the site!

Is there any content you’d like to create for Tibia Tales, besides being an art designer?

Initially, the idea of ​​creating achievement guides told as stories was planned, I think that isn’t a different content but done in a creative way and goes with the site theme, that section would go perfect for me because I love to do achievements in Tibia, and I’d like to share some tips that helped me! another section that I’d like to implement (that has to go with my art, sorry! haha) its to create some sort of comic, with character design by me or adapted from other stories, video-games, animes etc but in the Tibian world.

Tibia Tales for you, is it what you thought it would be? Or were you expecting something different?

Its something completely different that I wasn’t expecting! I didn’t have many expectations (I’m used to being very harsh with myself) but, I’m very impressed by everyone’s work. The entire team are people that are very committed in what they do and I love that, makes me believe and trust in the growth of the project.

To finish, let’s talk about the future of TibiaTales. What are your future expectations about the Fansite?

Mainly that it becomes a supported fansite, keeps implementing good and original content, and becomes one of the best fan sites out there, why not?!

Without a doubt the admins of TibiaTales are really proud of what they have created so far.

Remember Tibia Tales it’s not only a website, but a book full of adventures!

Interview by: Flor Belina

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