Fixes and Changes

With today’s server save, we have made the following changes:

  • Ballistic Mastery now also supports bleeding damage (Wound Charm).
  • We have fixed a bug at Grounds of Deceit where a player could not be hit by spells at some places in the wall.

We have also made the following adjustments to hunting grounds:

  • Ebb & Flow: We have reduced the loot from bony sea devil, capricious phantom, hazardous phantomand theturbulent elemental by 6%.
  • Rotten Wasteland: We have reduced the loot from branchy crawler, mould phantom and rotten golem by 8%.
  • Asura Vaults: We have reduced the loot from true dawnfire asura, true midnight asura and true trust flower asura by 11%.

See you in Tibia.

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