Fixes and Changes

With today’s server save, we have made the following changes:

  • We have made a few changes that will stabilise performance, especially when using Action Bars.
  • The Lion of War Outfit is now fully available. Players who have only received the basic outfit so far can obtain the missing parts from NPC Lorenzo using the keyword “Attire“.

We have also made the following adjustments to Hunting Grounds:

  • Dark Torturer: We have reduced the loot by 12%.
  • Ingol: We have reduced the loot from crape man, rhindeer and harpy by 10% and increased the damage dealt by harpy by 10%.
  • Crystal shield for Too Hot to Handle: We have increased the damage of the expired crystal shield from 25% of the current HP every 15 seconds to 45% of the current HP every 5 seconds.
  • Ruins of Nuur: We have decreased the loot from venerable girtablilu and girtablilu warrior by about 6%.

See you in Tibia.

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