Balancing and Changes

Dear Tibians!

In order to provide a better balance to the Gnomprona hunting grounds and the associated hazard system, we have made the following changes:

  • We slightly raised the damage scaling with increasing hazard level, including damage dealt through megacrits.
  • We slightly decreased the loot and XP scaling with increasing hazard level.
  • We lowered the spawn chance of the Plunder Patriarch. The higher the hazard level, the stronger the reduction. For hazard 10, this means 25% less spawn on average.

These changes are necessary as a reaction to the heavy increase in profit and XP being made in these areas.

Furthermore, there are some adjustments to the Exaltation Forge to report:

  • The number of exalted cores required to perform a transfer has changed from static to dynamically increasing costs.
  • To make it more challenging, we have significantly increased the HP and damage values of influenced and fiendish creatures.
  • We have increased the maximum number of fiends that can be present at the same time from 3 to 4 and reduced the spawn time from 300 seconds to 270 seconds.
  • The number of slivers is no longer static but depends on the difficulty of the creature. Higher difficulty equals a higher yield.
  • The control button for the Exaltation Forge gets a golden highlight when the character’s dust amount has reached the maximum.
  • The maximum unlockable Dust limit has been increased from 225 to 325.

We are still going to monitor the developments in-game and adjust values when necessary.

Happy hunting,

Balancing and Changes

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