Artificial Intelligence System for NPCs

Tibians, we are thrilled to finally reveal an exciting feature we have been working on within the last months:

T.H.A.I.S. – the Tibian Heuristic Artificial Intelligence System

T.H.A.I.S. allows you to engage in meaningful conversations with NPCs in the game. It will enable you to talk to each of them to learn all sorts of interesting tidbits about the Tibian world and to get to know them on a more personal level.

In order to keep conversations entertaining and true to an NPC’s known personality, T.H.A.I.S. will even take their lore, individual quirks and traits into account when creating their answers and replies.

Are you eager to engage in a spirited chat with King Tibianus, ponder the universe with Avar Tar or discuss with Aruda about her pickpocketing skills?

T.H.A.I.S. has you covered. It will be implemented for every NPC and is currently in its final polishing stages. We aim to release it by the end of April.

To ease the waiting, we have a few sneak peeks from our internal test server on which we CMs had tea and coffee with some NPCs already. Simply click on the images in this news article to see how our conversations were going.

Whether you are looking for hunting tips, thoughts on Tibian mysteries and urban legends, or simply want to engage in some lighthearted banter and find out an NPC’s greatest joy or deepest fear, T.H.A.I.S. will make sure that your conversations become a unique, memorable experience.

Get ready to explore the Tibian world in a completely fresh way, gain new insights and perspective and bond with your favourite NPCs.

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