A little bit of history with Milie

“A little bit of history with Milie”

It will be a series of content that will have a place in the interview section, in which the topics of the stories and the process that each Fansite took to have an item that represents their fansite will be discussed.

What is a fansite?

If you’re on this website, I think you know this, but I’ll explain it anyway. Fansite, is a page created by fans to provide information or simply entertain as guides, interviews and more.

What is a Fansite item?

Fansites are very popular within the community, so after a certain period of time, administrators have the opportunity to implement an item to Tibia to represent their fansite. Fansites are also responsible for organizing contests to obtain these items.

If you are interested in seeing more about the fansite items, you can read all about them at TibiaFanart.com. Click here to learn more.

What is “A little bit of history with Milie”?

As I mentioned earlier, this series of content will have a place in the interview section and will be focused on the process and history of each fansite item that exists.

Get your snacks ready to read more of this soon-to-be-released content, in which you can read more about your favorite fansite item.

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