Where the Real Dinosaurs Live

This FanFic was written by Arcai.

Dragonblaze peaks which was a lively place teaming with draptors and warm with dragonfire was now empty and bleak. Raid after raid, the dragons descended to Zao to protect the lizardkin and one by one they were taken away and mounted, doomed to serve humanity as a beast of burden. Reddy looked around at what was now a shell of his former home and knew a life of servitude was not the fate for him. He is a descendant of Garsharak, the first dragon, a master of magic and fire, and he’ll be darned to live out the rest of his days saddled and whipped. With a final “SCREEEEECH,”Reddy made his final descent to Zao but this time he went south towards the ferry. He was headed to where the real dinosaurs lived, Gnomeprona.

As he stepped off the steamship and up the ramp, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The land was covered in lush jungle and hot lava that reminded him of home. Everywhere he looked massive beasts roamed freely and just when he thought things couldn’t get any better, something caught his attention. Those blue eyes pierced right through him and all he could see was green. The ground shook as she approached and greeted him with a “Krccchht!” Reddy nervously replied, “EEHEEHEEHEEH” and they both knew it was love at first sight.

A few months had past and Rippa feet were now swollen. Reddy smiled and gently put a hand to her belly before helping her up. She was in no state to travel but they had a long journey ahead of them. The volcano had been smoking for days and the imminent eruption was threatening not only their lives but the extinction of their soon to be family. Once again, Reddy found himself at the ferry but this time he was far from alone and hand in hand, he and Rippa boarded the boat.

Reddy never thought he’d return to Zao. The smell of the tall grass and chirps of the sandcrawlers reminded him of home. The memories of his past flooded his mind and he recalled a fable he was told as a child of a hidden island to the far east. As he and Rippa journeyed across the Steppe, they emerged from a secret tunnel to a stunning mansion surrounded by cherry blossoms. A giant of a tree grew straight through the center of the house and fresh water flowed across the island, and best of all, there wasn’t a soul in sight.

Years passed and the house was bustling. Rippa was teaching their eldest, Clover, how to hunt the terror birds while the twins, still too small to leave their eggs, snapped at a shank of meat roasting in the fireplace. Reddy looked at his family and was reminded of his days at Dragonblaze peaks. Once more his home was warm with dragonfire.

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