Into the clouds

This FanFic was written by Elana Boss.

The legacy of Feyrist’s fairies, left the following message written in its magical books: “That unique fairy of all times, who lives believing that she will never be able to fly, will find the magical point that will make her rise to the clouds” -M.A

Aylie, tired of traveling city by city, trying to decode that mysterious message, arrived at a place unknown for her. She even believed that it was magically formed for her, because although she knew “Tiquanda” so well, she was sure she had never seen such a waterfall before.

Disappointed, thinking that the message she read was not written for her, and about to give up, she decided to go into the water, take a refreshing dip and try to clear her mind so her ideas could continue flowing. She closed her eyes and began to float through those crystalline waters, she could feel how she was moving along with the water, she even managed to distinguish the sound of some animals that were in the surroundings, she was sure that some flamingos were posing on their elegant webbed feet as they floated and while communicating with each other, some colorful butterflies flew among the trees, but there was a sound that wasn’t familiar to her, she heard some whispers between laughs:
-Aylie, we’re so close.-

Aylie reacted immediately, she tried to search with her eyes whom was the person who was calling her, but there was no one, her intuition led her along the edge of the waterfall and she realized that she had to cross it, although she was not sure she could, she felt a heartbeat that gave her the courage to try it, her surprise was enormous.

She arrived at a place that seemed so magical, it was hidden from any inhabitant of the city, but the most impressive thing was what her eyes never thought to see, a cute unicorn that radiated magic everywhere. Aylie had heard myths about these creatures but had never seen one by her own eyes.

For Aylie, time stopped, in that first sight, she was able to admire all the characteristics of such a beautiful being, her long hair was perfect, with the best colors that can be combined, arranged in the most flirtatious way that could exist, and with lovely eyes. When she saw her, she could only sigh and felt how everything turned into peace, at this moment she did not know what else to do.

-My God!, it’s you Aylie, I’ve read so much about you! I’m Luna- With a beautiful smile, she invited her to sit down, they talked for hours, it was as if time stood still when the two talked, it seemed they had known each other their entire lives, talked about all the places they wanted to visit together and the new adventures they wanted to experience.

For Luna it was very clear, the destiny of each person is written by each one and by the choices they make in their lives, and they were destined to meet and to form a friendship never seen before, so magical that it could not be explained.

That night of full moon, which were Luna’s favorite days, both visited Zoltan, he was amazed, because he realized the beautiful friendship that existed between the two, and he remembered a legend in one of the books found, that legend was told in the great academy, alluded to the day that a good-hearted fairy coincided with a focused and determined unicorn, together could activate the magical friendship spell. Of course, that legend had a lot to do with the legacy of the fairies. They stayed all night in the library looking for the book with all the information, it was almost dawn when they found it.

This spell could only be activated if the friendship was authentic and true; They were both excited to see if they would be able to activate it, as no one had ever managed to get it before, so they didn’t know exactly what magic it would give them; They followed Zoltan’s indications and visited the exact place in Feyrist, when they reached the magical point, a radiant flash of lights came out of them, they looked into each other’s eyes, they knew they achieved it.

Aylie sat on Luna’s back, and they began to fly, Luna took her through the skies, they traveled among the clouds, you could see the happiness on their faces, they knew this was something they would not have achieved it by themselves, tells the story that Luna left from living in the waterfalls that she enjoyed so much to go live in the clouds, and every night of the full moon she comes down to visit Aylie to take her among the clouds.
-There will never be another fairy after you Aylie! -. This is a phrase that Luna loves to say to her new friend.

In the corridors of Feyrist, there are rumors that Luna and Aylie are forming a new city in the clouds, where everything is magical and mythical, however nothing is proven yet, let’s see what surprises they have for us.

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