Shantalla: the mystery of the princess

This FanFic was written by Lizzy Queen.

In the city of Thais, there was the Rossel family, one of the most recognized in Mainland.

For the presentation party of Princess Shantalla, everyone from Thais and its surroundings was invited. It took place on October, Friday 13, a masked ball theme and every guest had to show up wearing one.

Preparations were made months in advance, gathering quality ingredients for dinner and the best beer from Kazordoon. There was no creature or human that did not know of the great event that was approaching.

On Friday morning, princess walked into the ballroom and was dazzled. Everything looked amazing: there were a lot of lights, golden chandeliers, the dance floor was pink and a large banquet waiting for the guests. She excitedly ran to her room to get ready.

At dusk, the presentation ceremony began and the ball was opened by Princess Shantalla and the King.

While everyone was dancing and enjoying the night, a woman approached the princess.

Finally we meet – said the woman.

Excuse me, who are you? – Shantalla asked.

It’s me, my girl. I’m your mother – the woman answered as her voice broke.

NO! My mother died years ago, GET AWAY FROM ME! – Shantalla shouted as she ran.

The princess sat in the garden while she tried to hold back her tears.

«It can’t be my mother, my father would never lie to me, he loves me», Shantalla thought.

Suddenly the woman sits next to her and she begins to talk about the night of the accident.

– The day we were traveling on the boat to Ankrahmun, there was a big storm that caused the boat to start sinking. We had to leave it, your father and me, they put us on different boats. Many hours passed and the crew…- the woman narrated while she was interrupted by the princess.

– And why did you return until today? – Shantalla asked.

– Your father won’t let me see you… I just want you to have this present, use it… I will come back to look for you. – The woman says goodbye while she slowly backs off.


The princess opened the gift and saw inside it a beautiful necklace, she immediately put it on and at that moment, a smoke spread, covering her completely and when it disapeared, only her dress remained.

In the distance, the mysterious woman took off her mask and revealed her true indentity, she was The Old Incredible Witch, who was banished by the King, condemned for eternity to suffer and never die.

She tricked the princess and cursed her, exacting revenge against the King.

The guests noticed the absence of the princess and everyone looked for her, but they only found her dress…

Rumors say that the witch turned the princess into a Pig and that she lives in a barn in Thais waiting for the most passionate kiss on the continent to break the spell.

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