Lady Troll

This FanFic was written by Ca Milla.

In Edron in a distant mountain lives a lonely troll, his name is Chief Grarkharok.

The entire population of Edron fears this strange creature because he had a reputation for getting stressed and making stones roll down the mountain. There was also a rumor that he was looking for a beautiful troll lady to be his wife, so no one dared to come near his house.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, an aspiring actor arrived in Edron to get inspired for his new theater work in which he would play the famous and mysterious princess Lumelia, and what better place to find inspiration if not Edron, the home of the heroes who always ask about that princess?

The actor put on his elegant dress, adjusted his wig made of elvenhair, golden like the wheat fields of ab’dendriel and climbed to the highest mountain of Edron to recite the phrases from his masterpiece, after a few minutes he was interrupted by a loud noise of rocks rolling down the mountain.

-Grarkharok like BOOM, BOOM sound! Go mountain, push rock and BOOM!

It was him, the terrible Chief Grarkharok. The actor didn’t even have time to react, the troll saw him and quickly threw him on his shoulders and took him into his cave.

-Grarkharok found lady, good-looking, hairy lady

The silly troll thought that the actor really was a troll lady, as the actor had a beard and could easily be mistaken for a troll lady.

Inside the cave the troll left the bearded woman in a beautiful room with a small garden, it didn’t look like a troll’s cave at all, it seemed like a magical place in another dimension, the troll was definitely been preparing for this moment for a long time, there were jewelry and different dresses, flowers and even teddy bears, but what stood out most was a beautiful white wedding dress, accompanied by a white veil and a engagement ring, the actor’s heart was filled with sadness and he began to scream

-I am not a princess, I am an Actor

The troll didn’t listen and grabbed a coral comb and started combing the supposed troll lady’s hair, trying to be delicate, but as we all know, trolls are NOT delicate AT ALL, as a result a part of the Actor’s wig fell to the floor and he said:

-I told you, I am not a Princess your fool.

The confused and desolate troll picked up the piece of wig that was on the ground, and the actor took advantage of the distraction to escape the cave.

The troll got angry and started throwing rocks down the mountain.

Throughout the city, a loud bang was heard as a giant stone fell on top of a house.

They say the house was destroyed and that to this day Chief Grarkharok continues to search for his beloved troll lady.
Regarding the actor, the last time he was seen was in a performance as Princess Lumelia for a certain Captain Kid.

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