Forged in Friendship

This FanFic was written by Arcai.

Chapter 1: Post Palomino
As she leaned back in the beach chair, Luna felt her hooves sink into the sand and the sun against her shimmering violet coat. She closed her eyes and thought back to that fateful night that changed her life. From the moment she saw her reflection in that river, she knew her life was going to be different. All she had known was that tiny stable on the outskirts of Thais but this was finally her chance to see the world. Many years had passed and oh the adventures Luna has been on! She had swam with the Quaras in Oramond, befriended the Orgers in Issavi, rode the Draptors in Zao, and narrowly escaped the pharos in Ankrahmun. Still, of all the exotic creatures met and treasures discovered, she still didn’t have the one thing she hasn’t had since the day she left Palomino’s stable. A home. Though Luna had sworn she’d never return, her heart brought her back to Thais for a reason. She missed her friends from the stable and the pale straw that would warm up in the sun and be oh so comfortable to sleep on. She longed for the taste of the fresh wheat that was readily available and she even missed forgetful old Palomino who always seemed to wander around the stable aimlessly. Luna sighed and opened her eyes as she decided she couldn’t delay any longer, it was time to head back to her old stomping grounds.

One hoof in front of the other, Luna trotted north and happened to smell the delicious scent of something cooking in the distance. As her stomach rumbled, she followed her nose and was drawn to a little cottage by the water. Luna could see a soup kettle bubbling away close by and wondering if anyone was home but before she could knock on the door, an Incredibly Old Witch jumped out of the trees brandishing her staff and yelled, “Oh how you will regret having disturbed me!” Luna tried to run but before she could even take a step, she was transformed into… a pig? A rat? A chicken? A DONKEY? Oh no No NO! This couldn’t be! Before the witch could cast another spell, Luna snatched the staff out of the witch’s hands and ran until her legs couldn’t take her any further.

When Luna could no longer hear the witch’s cackle, she realized she had found her way back near the river where she first turned into a beautiful unicorn. Nervous and out of breath, she looked into the water once again only to see her reflection had changed. Her mane turned coarse and yellow and her coat turned shabby and gray. Luna wanted to cry but in all her frustration, all she could let out was, “HEE-HAW!” This was obviously a bad dream, Luna thought. This couldn’t possibly be real! Once again Luna found herself starving and exhausted and decided to close her eyes so she could finally wake up from this dreadful nightmare.

As the sun began to peek over the horizon, there was a rumble in the distance that shook the ground and startled the birds. Luna, still worn from the previous day, slowly cracked her eyes open, praying that she had returned back to normal only to see her gray hooves all muddied up from running through the swamps. Who was that witch? What did she do to me? How do I fix this? What happened to that soup? There were so many thoughts swirling in Luna’s head but before she could feel bad for herself, everything started to shake and the ground cracked open right under her hooves. Something terrible was happening, but what was it? Luna knew she had no time to mope, she had to help save the world.

Chapter 2: The fairest in Feyrist
After the fall of Gaz’haragoth, the fairies have retaken Feyrist, chasing the weakened and enfeebled creatures of Roshamuul back into the depths where they belong. As the years passed, times were plentiful under Queen Aylie’s rule. Fairies danced outside of their mushroom homes, fauns feasted on fresh fruit from the blooming tree, and even the sentient stones seemed to crack a slight smile. The elves were happy, her kingdom prospered, and all was well. As Aylie walked through her kingdom, she felt a familiar hand take hers. It was her knight, her champion, her King, Emeric. The very same knight that stood by her side when Gaz’haragoth charged. The man who helped her rebuild Feyrist once she took rule and the King who knelt down and proposed one perfect star lit night. Hand in hand they walked along the beach patrolling the lands between Feyrist and Roshamuul, but as they neared the border, Aylie suddenly felt ill. Her head spun and her heartbeat quickened. She could hear Emeric’s voice calling out to her but before she could say anything, her knees weakened and everything went black.

As she slowly opened her eyes, Aylie saw Emeric anxiously looking over her. When she fainted, he ran to her side and gently carried her back to the safety of the protection zone. Aylie tried to stand but her legs didn’t have the strength to hold her. When word got out that the queen was ill, all of Feyrist came to offer their assistance but none of the medicines, charms, or spells did any good. After weeks of drinking potions and listening to enchantments Aylie was losing hope. One day, a strange elf in a lavished purple suit strolled into Aylie’s quarters; however this was no regular elf. She was a dreamelf, an emissary from the Summer Court, and her name was Vanys. When she heard Aylie hadn’t recovered, there was only one who could save her, Luna, the magical unicorn that never shied from adversity. To find Luna, Aylie ordered the construction of four shrines around the island and with what little elemental power she had left in her, she enchanted the shrines with ice, fire, earth, and energy magic. Serving as gateways throughout the lands of Tibia, Aylie sent her most trusted swan maidens through the portals on a mission to bring Luna to Feyrist.

As the swan maiden appeared in Thais, she could hear the hustle and bustle of the city. She saw houses filled with riches, as people from all walks of life sped by on their elegant mounts. When she stepped into the infamous crossroads, she could have sworn she saw that young lady Aruda slip a few gp out of a man’s coin purse. Just when she thought things couldn’t get more chaotic, a donkey came charging through the streets! Wait, this wasn’t a regular donkey. You see, all Fae as creatures of magic have the ability to see through enchantments and the swan maiden could tell, this was the unicorn she was looking for. The swan maiden leapt in front of Luna and begged her for help. As the maiden explained, Luna couldn’t believe her long gray ears. The Queen of Feyrist, the champion of the elves and fairies herself had fallen ill and was asking for her help? Could it be possible the earthquakes were related to what was happening to Aylie? Luna, who never turned down a cry for help, agreed and followed the swan maiden through the holy shrine.

Chapter 3: Reah Returns
As Luna appeared on the other side, the pookas hopped to greet and escorted her through a thick forest and as she looked on, she could almost swear the trees were looking back at her. At the end of the path was a beautiful flowery archway where Aylie welcomed her with a warm smile. Luna bowed as she approached the queen and said, “Your majesty. It’s an honor to assist you but I must tell you about the quakes. They have split open the land of Tibia and I’m afraid we could all be in danger.” Taken back by the news, Aylie feared her suspicions were true. She had known for years there was a chance that Reah’s curse still lingered in the deepest darkest parts of the lands. Even that day near the border of Roshamuul, she felt a pulse of an evil power emanating from the dark kingdom. Reah was making her return but what could Aylie do? She had used the last of her powers to build the elemental shrines and her staff that once glowed a brilliant pink had turned gray and lost its magic. Suddenly, Luna remembered that she too had a magical staff from the Old Witch in the swamps and knew exactly what to do. Luna borrowed Aylie’s staff and returned to Thais heading to a small island southwest of the city. Here warriors and mages came from afar to enhance their weapons at a powerful magical source, the exaltation forge. As she neared the giant stone skull, she could feel the magic radiating from a floating core within its mouth. Nervously, Luna lowered both Aylie’s and the witch’s staff into the forge and crossed her hooves for good luck. The staves flashed before her eyes, slowly at first then faster and faster and poof! The witch’s staff disappeared but in its place left Aylie’s staff a beautiful shimmering pink that was brighter than ever before. The forge was a success! Luna returned to Feyrist and when Aylie took the staff, she felt the magic of the forge surge inside of her as her powers returned. Aylie threw her arms around Luna and hugged her with all her strength. With teary eyes, Aylie said, “I can’t thank you enough for helping me recover my magic. I’m eternally grateful. Now, together we can save Tibia.”

Aylie ordered her Faun knights to investigate the earthquakes and upon their return, they bought news of portals appearing all over the land. Most of these portals were empty, however the few that weren’t had an oozing green Abominable Spawn. When slain, their corpse melted to the ground and created a vortex to another realm. Both Aylie and Luna knew there was no time to waste and readied themselves for the journey to the nearest one, Hellgate. As they trekked through the long dark tunnels deep into the underground, they knew they were in for the battle of their lives but they trusted each other and knew that their best chance for victory was by each other’s side. As they stepped through the portal, they were shocked by the creature in front of their eyes. In her attempt to resurrect, Reah was mutated into a monstrosity of a creature covered with spikes, tentacles, and a scorpion tail crown- The Abomination. Before Aylie could react, Reah screamed, “YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE ME!” and rooted her to the ground. Aylie showed no fear and as Reah’s minions, the Abominable Servants and Abomination Cultists, surrounded her. She looked straight into The Abomination’s soulless yellow eye, and dared it to attack. In all the chaos, Luna camouflaged in the darkness by her gray coat crept her way around the room. As she thought she was safe, Reah cackled, “Do you think for a second I don’t see you, little one? What is a puny donkey going to do to me?” Luna dug her hooves into the ground and yelled, “You don’t know who I am!” as she charged her +10 speed, reared up and knocked The Abomination to the ground. Dazed and confused, The Abomination’s minions disappeared and Aylie was released from her roots. Reah now angrier than ever screamed “YOU ALL .. WILL …DIE!!!” but before she could cast her final spell, Aylie swung her staff and struck The Abomination down with a powerful Death Beam. CRIT!

As Reah crumpled to the ground, a power wave emanated from her body lifting the evil curse that plagued Tibia for so many years. Luna felt the pulse of magic wash over her and as she looked down, what was once brown hooves had turned a pretty pink and her drab gray coat started to shine in violet and blue. She was a unicorn again! Excitedly, she trotted over to Aylie eager to show her true form only to notice that there was something different about Aylie too. Aylie seemed to sparkle even in the darkness of the cave and if Luna was seeing right, Aylie was …FLOATING! From her back sprouted a pair of beautiful lacy wings. The very wings that Aylie had dreamed of her whole life. With Reah finally defeated, the world was healing.

As they arrive back in Feyrist, Emeric runs to embrace Aylie as all of Fae rush to cheer their queen and unicorn champions. They felt the curse lift and with Aylie’s return, the trees and flowers turned a striking vivid pink once again. As the fauns danced and the swan maidens sang, Luna turned to leave but before she could set a hoof through the shrine, she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Luna, it would be an honor if you would stay with us here. Your strength and magic are unparalleled and there is no where you belong more than here. I hope you can call Feyrist your home.” Shocked at first, Luna’s smile grew wider and wider which gave Aylie the answer she was hoping to hear. Turning her back to the shrine, Luna and Aylie walked back into the heart of Feyrist side by side as the best of friends.
The End.

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