Don’t forget who you are

This FanFic was written by Erica Sar.

Aylie slammed the door, with the only mana she had left, she sealed the door with magic so nothing could get in. She was afraid, she was hurt, her powers and her thoughts were betraying her, she lost control, her vision was getting blurred and she heard everything as if she were underwater. Something was banging on the door while making a terrifying shriek. This was the end…
[Unos días antes]
-This mission is very dangerous Aylie, I have tried to find a companion for you, but I’m very old and there’s no magician in the academy that has enough courage. How times have changed.
Zoltan told Aylie after explaining her new mission.
-Dedoras is a nomad that always exaggerates things, he has asked the Magic Academy for help in many missions and each one is easier than the last.
Aylie replied unconcerned as she packed her backpack for the mission. She brought with her a blank canvas and ink to draw the map of the place, a couple of tools that she would need to enter that place and some magical items.
As she was getting ready, her teacher Zoltan alerted her that this mission was not like the others. After a long talk with Dedoras, he told her that the research in his previous missions led to this place. The only information they had is that it was an ancient library, hidden by dark magic and corrupted by the evil in it.
The next morning, Aylie took the first boat to Carlin. The Royal Guard was at the pier waiting for her, it was not a surprise, since Aylie was recognized for being a fairy who mastered the magical arts; while she was at the palace talking to the Queen about her mission, Aylie had a bad feeling. Her fairy nature allowed her to see the essence of dark magic, but she had been to that palace many times before and had never felt anything like it, she simply ignored it, and together with the Royal Guard, they started their way to the Island of the Kings.
-This is as far as we go, Aylie. The strength of the Amazons is available to you, but we cannot enter with you, beyond this ship it is not our territory.
Bella Bonecrusher told her as she said goodbye to Aylie on the pier of the Island of the Kings.

After the Royal Guard left, Aylie thought for a moment, the bad feeling she had, returned, but this time accompanied by anxiety, but once again she ignored it.
The island was completely silent. That feeling was strange. Although Aylie could clearly see the monk guarding the island’s library, he didn’t seem to even notice her presence. They didn’t exchange words, they didn’t even exchange glances, she was blinded by fulfilling her mission and without thinking it twice, ignoring her instincts completely, she used the scythe as Dedoras explained to her, and entered the secret library for the first time.

This place was completely new to her, she had never seen anything like it. As she entered, she heard a curse in the same language that demons speak, it was not just a bad feeling anymore, the essence of dark magic that she had been feeling since she arrived in Carlin, was now completely visible before her eyes. Fear took over her, she began to have horrible visions, hearing screams in the distance, she heard her sister’s voice telling her that she had won, she slipped on an old carpet and fell. From the impact of her fall she was able to realize that it was all in her head, the dark magic was trying to corrupt her and she was trying to fight those emotions in her head.

There was no turning back, although her mission was a simple exploration of the place, there was no way to return. Aylie started running down the only path she could see, but even statues were hurting her. She turned around, and she heard in the distance horrible screeches and strange whispers, as if they were saying random numbers. She wasn’t alone. She was afraid to go on, but she couldn’t allow herself to die here without even trying.
In the attempt to find a way out, Aylie began to run through the corridors of the library. The creatures looked like living books, but they were not like the ones she knew. He had studied about the Librarian at the academy, magical beings that had disappeared from the world decades ago, but this was nothing like literature. With each step she took, her skin froze and where she looked, she saw dark creatures approaching, she tried to fight, but her magic had lost strength because of the dark essence trying to corrupt her, she just ran while being attacked, she ran while everything around her was trying to kill her. She ran to the only place where she didn’t see dark essence, she didn’t know what was waiting for her in there, but it was her last hope so she locked herself in there. With the only mana she had left, she sealed the door with magic so that nothing could enter. She was afraid, she was hurt, her powers and her thoughts were betraying her, she looked towards the door, closed her eyes and began to listen as someone whispered her name.

That whisper was not like the others, there was no malice in that voice. Aylie believed that it was her entrance to paradise and that she was reuniting with her parents, she surrendered to the calm that voice conveyed to her, but suddenly, a loud knock on the door snapped her out of that trance. She was still trapped in the library, but now she had clarity in her thoughts, she felt a warm aura near her.
-How did you get to this dark place, little one?
Said a calm voice that sounded almost mystical. Aylie didn’t understand what was happening, but for some reason, she wasn’t afraid. She gaped at the wonderful being that spoke to her and as she looked into her eyes, a warm flame took over her, she regained hope when she recognized the eyes of an old friend.
-JUNA!!! I’m hallucinating?
Aylie said, unable to believe her eyes.
The being in front of her gave a small laugh and said:
– My name is Luna. I was transformed when I were able to understand the meaning of my strength and my courage, I freed myself from the shackles of what I was supposed to be and became who I really am. But I remember you very well, Aylie. I always perceived your good will and your desire to achieve your goals, but now it seems to me that you have forgotten who you really are.
– I’m Aylie, a magic student at the Edron Magic Academy, Zoltan’s apprentice. I am one of the best magicians that has visited the academy.
-You control magic well, but you are a fairy. I can see the pain you carry for not having wings, but you must not deny your nature, nor hide your scars under that cape. You must fight for your dreams and strive to achieve your goals. I’ve arrived here, in the same way that I arrived at the labyrinth of dreams, Vanys sent me.
Vanys was a name that Aylie hadn’t heard in years, it was one of the wise men of the Court.
What does he have to do with all this?
Aylie said suspiciously.
-In the labyrinth of dreams, we can see everything. Vanys has watched you and seen you ignore the fairy path, but I don’t think so. I can see myself in you, Aylie. I understand how it feels to believe that you don’t belong, but sometimes we just need a friend to believe in us. Let’s combine your fairy powers with my mystical powers to free the library of dark magic.
For the first time in a long time, Luna was carrying someone on her back. Like a little sister, Luna felt that she had to protect Aylie. She remembered the feeling of being locked in a stable, she remembered the feeling of freedom when she finally escaped, and she remembered the immense satisfaction she felt when she was transformed into a unicorn. She wanted Aylie to be able to feel fulfilled in her fairy form.
Thanks to Luna’s magic, the dark essence could no longer try to corrupt them. As they made their way through the library, Aylie noticed that all the creatures that came near Luna were no longer tainted, together they searched for the source of evil inside the library. They walked through the icy corridors of the ice library, they got many shocks as they passed through the energy library, and finally, in a place that was about to be on fire, they found the portal from which all that dark essence emanated. Aylie’s first instinct was to use her ice magic to destroy it, but she remembered Luna’s words “It seems you have forgotten who you really are”. Using her fairy powers, she took over the portal and connected it to the only place that reminded her of who she really was, Feyrist.
Luna and Aylie freed the library thanks to the magical friendship that was always there.

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