An Unexpected Friendship

Feyrsit’s flora was glowing like never before, all the fairies were flying euphorically as this only meant one thing, the birth of a new monarch. Maelyrra, with great enthusiasm, approached to receive the little monarch fairy.

In the distance you could see a small cocoon approaching, after a few minutes Maelyrra received it, sprinkling some dust from the fountain of dust in Feyrist, the cocoon opened and it showed a beautiful fairy who was named by Maelyrra as Aylie, but something was not right with her since her wings were weak and this did not allow her to fly.

They thought that this was something temporary and with time it will “heal” but this never happened, Aylie was frustrated and she felt she didn’t belong to the fairy world, and she felt she did not deserve to be called a monarch of the fairies and constantly told herself “Who would want a fairy queen when she can’t even fly?”

Some time after…

It was a normal night for everyone, except for Aylie, since she was planning to leave home because her life was going to take a different course, she still wasn’t sure what she would do, but what she was sure was that she no longer wanted to feel frustrated for not feeling like a real fairy. Aylie wrote a letter that night, saying:

“Maelyrra, everything I know is thanks to you, even my own life. I don’t feel part of you and your people and that is why I want to leave you in charge, since you are one of the most experienced nymphs in the entire kingdom and this will serve to keep the kingdom safe. Sorry for abandoning you.”

Meanwhile, Aylie decided to start her journey to Thais, she wanted to go to Carlin with Queen Eloise and receive training from her army of women. Upon arriving in Thaian, she found a small Pony in the swamp and Aylie, worried, approached and she offered her some water. Juna was her name.

Aylie was lost and she didn’t know how to get to Carlin, so Juna asked her:

Why would you want to go to Carlin?

Aylie replied:

Because I want to receive their training and be part of their army.

Luna very confused told her:

You are a magic creature, why would you want to limit yourself to an army? Its better if we go to Edron, I will guide you.

Since that moment Aylie and Juna started their journey to Edron.

On their way, Juna told Aylie her story, she told her that she had escaped from her stable because she felt that her life no longer had meaning in that place, so she took the first opportunity to escape and she did. But when she escaped, she lost her magic.

Aylie smiling said:

I also abandoned my home, because I felt I was not part of them. Actually I’m the Queen of Fey..


– Juna shouted

Aylie, embarrased, decided to tell Juna her whole story. Surprised by this, Juna told her:

I know someone who could train you very well.

Juna took Aylie to the Magic Academy in Edron, with the wizard Zoltam for Aylie to receive a proper training. From that moment Juna and Aylie try to move forward making an effort everyday, improve themselves and achieve their goals, but besides all of this they became best friends.

Some years after that..

Aylie turned into one of the most powerful elementalists at the Magic Academy by Zoltam. Aylie missed her home every day, but Juna was always by her side, this made her feel a little better.

Aylie realizing this, said:

From now on, you will be called Luna since when I was in my darkest moment YOU were the Moon that illuminated my path, I am immensely grateful to you for your kindness, but with this I do not want you to be tied to me so I want to ask you to be happy, free and especially that you continue to be a unicorn full of love and kindness.

Aylie after her training decided to return home with Luna.

Maelyrra, seeing Aylie with her Elementalist cloak and her great magic staff, was very happy and said:

Since I read your letter, I knew you would come back but you would not come back the same and now that I see you I am very proud of you. I hope you feel comfortable with who you are now, but NEVER forget, although you never had wings, for all your kingdom you will always be our Queen.

This FanFic was written by Tanjiro.

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