Summer Update 2022: Convenience Features

Is your deposit about to explode and you fear losing track of things? Fear no more. A convenience feature coming with the summer update might be just what you’ve been waiting for. The Search Locker widget will receive a filter option, in which you can select trader NPCs like Rashid, the Djinns, as well as Esrik. The feature works similar to the stash search option.

Speaking of NPCs. On that note, more convenience features await. First of all, a search field will be available to search through all goods the NPCs has in stock. This field can be hidden in case it should bother you. Also, you can buy or sell much larger amountsof stackable items at once. The limit will be raised from 100 to 10,000. Don’t worry, there will be a warning if you try to buy or sell something more than 100 times to avoid unforgivable mistakes. It is in your hands and therefore at your own risk if you disable the warning. Please note that the limit of items that cannot be stacked will not change.

In order to make your Tibian life even more comfortable, another convenience feature will enrich the summer update. Items that have a certain amount of charges, or effects that last for a certain duration, will receive an indicator to inform you about how much time or how many charges are left, if they have been in use. You can determine in the settings if you want to see this indicator only on items you have equipped, or on all items in your backpack as well. You can also choose not to show this indicator at all. To avoid misunderstandings: Please note that the duration of infusions is not covered by this indicator.

Last but not least,adjustable arcscomplete the current perspective of convenience features that will be added to Tibia in this year’s summer update.
Some options will be added to the arcs that show your mana and hit points. You can set its opacity, as well as the distance of the arcs, and you can choose between three different sizes. If you want your arcs to display as they are now, after the update, the option to choose will be medium. You can also choose a smaller or larger version. What best suits your taste. If you haven’t used arcs so far, give it a try, you might like what you see. If you don’t, you can of course continue using bars, nothing will change about that.

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