Summer Update 2022: Dressing to Impress

The Test Server is about to start, so let’s wrap up the sneak peek by taking a look at the new equipment that you can get your hands on.

Nagas are skilled fighters. Their strong sense of aesthetics also extends to their craftsmanship and battle gear. It has an elaborate, almost elegant appearance. The following pieces of equipment will be obtainable in Marapur:


naga sword, naga axe, naga club, frostflower boots, turtle amulet.


naga crossbow, naga quiver, feverbloom boost.


naga rod, midnight tunic, midnight sarong.


naga wand, dawnfire sherwani, dawnfire pantaloons.

Primal Ordeal

Deep beneath the surface of Gnomprona, a powerful team has been unearthed. These extraordinary items are sure to enhance any collection and are highly sought after. Three new better equipment pieces can be obtained in the slot for each vocation:

Spiritthorn Armor, Helmet and Ring.

Alicorn Quiver, Headguard and Ring.

Arboreal Crown, Folio and Ring.

Arcanomancer Regalia, Tome and Sigil.

If you’re interested in learning more about its stats and attributes, check out the test dashboard and test server.

Coming soon: Let’s start this summer update test!

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