Permission to Save Game Sessions

A common goal we all share is improving Tibia. Today, we come to you with a request that would help us in that endeavor. In order to improve your game experience and our rule enforcement, we would like to ask for permission to record your gaming sessions. If you would like to help us improve Tibia, you do not have to change any of your ways, but simply grant us this permission on your account management page.

As of today, you can find the following text there:

I consent to CipSoft GmbH saving play sessions for the sole purpose of improving the gaming experience or enforcing the Tibia Rules. Saved play sessions will contain the entire user experience, including, but not limited to, chats and player interaction.

By clicking on Consent, you give us permission to record what you are doing ingame. Please do not worry, we are not interested in any real life matters that you might chat about with your friends. We are not going to scan your chats for any swear words, for example, either. Our interest is purely Tibia and game related.

We would not record all your playing sessions. Granting us permission, however, means that any of your playing sessions could be recorded. You could compare our plans a bit to the recording of a phone call with a call center for quality assurance matters. It is quite common in that area that just before the call starts, you are informed that it could be recorded. You can object to this at the beginning of the phone call.

So granting us this permission on your account management page would help us improve. If you do not want to help us in that way, however, it is no problem. Simply leave things as they are. This does not have any consequences for your Tibia account. We will then simply not have any of your gaming sessions in the pool of data that we can draw conclusions from. You can change this setting freely, too. It is not a once and for all decision that you need to make.

If you create a new account, you can choose to grant us permission to record your gaming sessions – or not – right during the account creation process.

All that is left to say now is that we would really appreciate your help!

For a better Tibia!

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