New Addition to Community Management Team

U nto all and singular to whom these words shall come…

We are delighted to announce a new addition to the community management team. From now on, Liamas will lend a helping hand to the Tibian nation.

A brief introduction in his own words:

‘As a veteran regarding customer and community support, I know what it means to take care of people who are passionate about something. I appreciate the time, energy, and dedication you, the players, are giving to Tibia. I understand that every single role within this microcosm is of importance. That is why I love playing games like Tibia. That is why I want to join the party. With this in mind, and a personal fondness for the gaming scene in general, it came as no surprise that I recently spawned directly within the CipSoft headquarters. At least, not for me. I am very excited to be part of this great adventure and am looking forward to walking the unknown paths with you at my side.’

Liamas is currently initiated into the mystic arts of Tibian community work by Rejana and Mirade and is incredibly eager to get in touch with you and say hello in the Auditorium.

Fare thee well!

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