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Tibians, we remember your feedback concerning the convenience features of the summer update well. Back then, we implemented an indicator to inform you of the remaining amount of charges, or the remaining duration of certain effects on items. What was missing, and really wished for, too, was an imbuement indicator.
So, after this winter update, there will be a new widget with which you can easily get an overview of the imbuements on your items. In this widget you will be able to see the specific imbuement each item in your inventory has, in which slot it is, and an indicator will be there to inform you of how much time is left – for each imbuement on each item.
You will also be be able to spot items with empty imbuement slots easily, too. The indicator will display remaining time exact to the minute. In addition, a colour will allow you an easier overview:

  • white: you have 10 hours or more left.
  • yellow: you have between 1 hour and 10 hours left.
  • red: you have less than 1 hour left.

You can look at each item directly from the widget. We hope that this will facilitate your hunting.

In addition to this, a new option will be added to the context menu of the reward chest in the Adventurers’ Guild. This new option, the Gather All option, will automatically put as many items as possible in your inventory, limited only by your character’s capacity and the room in your backpacks. This should ease the looting of the coop reward bags in the Adventurer’s Guild treasure chest.

Another improvement that will go online with this year’s winter update, is the reduction of boss cool downs for bossesthat currently have a cooldown of 1 day or even longer. Their cooldown will be reduced by 4 hours. Bosses affected are for example the Last Lore Keeper, Ferumbras Mortal Shell, Mazoran, Razzagorn, and several others. We hope that this will allow a more convenient planning of your boss hunting rounds.

Happy Hunting!

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