Changes and Fixes

Anumber of fixes and changes have been implemented today, for example:


  • The base HP of creatures in Gnomprona have been raised by ~10%. Also, their base damage has been increased a bit. Their base dodge chance has been lowered but it now scales up faster with increasing hazard level. Their dodge chance is higher than before from hazard level 5 on. Moreover, we slightly decreased the loot scaling with increasing hazard level.
  • In Marapur, the XP of creatures in the Great Pearl Fan Reef has been raised by 13% while the XP of creatures in the Temple of the Moon Goddess has been lowered by 7%.
  • A kill of Goshnar’s Greed no longer counts as two kills in the Bosstiary. This has also been fixed for Feroxa.
  • Mad sheep are no longer mad enough to spawn primal pods in Gnomprona when being killed.
  • It is no longer possible to levitate up onto invisible floors during low tide in the Ebb and Flow hunting ground.
  • The boss rooms of Drume and Devovorga’s incarnations in the mini world change Devovorga’s Essence are now cleaned properly after a fight so that player summons no longer remain there.
  • Completed Bosstiary entries now have a green progress bar.
  • The special condition burning no longer leads to an instant heat level of 50 when entering the lava fishing room in the quest Too Hot to Handle.
  • The first three stages of Azerus in his boss fight in the quest In Service of Yalaharare no longer killable. He should only be killable in his final stage.
  • While a great schnitzel is supposed to be eaten, the Great Schnitzel in the Orcsoberfest event is not supposed to be killable through summons. This has been fixed accordingly.
  • We also fixed a bunch of minor map bugs, typos, graphical glitches and NPC issues. For example, the kick feature has been added to NPC Lorietta and NPC Captain Jack.

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